When in doubt, block string out

I’ve noticed something about my gameplay over the past year or so, and I made a few adjustments and they have helped me tremendously. One thing I noticed is I wasn’t excercising alot of patience especially when my dive kicks are blocked and I end up getting punished or putting my self at a frame disadvantage.

Alot of the time I would get frustrated and try to grab after the initial hit… > nope herp derp SRK or reversal… I mean there are really some fools out there who buffer ~ srk after every dive kick, if you continue your string you won’t get hit and if you guess right and just stop attacking they will whiff and you can punish, but that is a 50/50, they may attack - they may not.

Considering those things I figured, I’d do things a little different once I saw the dive kick getting blocked to save face, and to keep Gouken safe, while still keep Gouken in a position to defend or attack. So I started using more block strings… DUH, I mean how stupid was I??? This isn’t Rocket Science but it was definitely an overlooked aspect of my game. So I applied it, then I started noticing something else… the block strings helped lead into my mix up game, thus I was able to pressure my opponent more and win a bit more without wigging out and being so predictable. This helped me round my game out alot, I hope this can prove to be useful to someone else as it was to me.

Block Strings *(If you see *, it means you can mix up with Gouken Flip, or do nothing to bait the reversal instead of completing the string) *

Gouken’s safest block strings on jump in?

-jump in attack > cr. fp* > lp hado
-jump in attack > cr. roundhouse

You can do the following off jump in as well, but they are more ground base options (lp can be standing or crouching if you feel the need to show the threat of tick throwing, FADCing, or to make your transition to Gouken Flip easier)

-lp > cr. lp > cr. lk* > cr. roundhouse (my fave) :rock:
-lp > lp > cr. lk > cr. mp* > hado
-lp > lp > cr. lk* > st. hk
-lp > lp > st. lk > cr. lk* > hado
-lp > lp > cr. mp* > hado

st. mp > lp > lp > cr. mp* > hado
st. mp > lp > lp > cr. lk* > cr.roundhouse

On Walk Up

cr lk* ~ lp hado
cr. mp* ~ lp hado
cr. fp* ~ lp hado

There are a few more that you can mix in than involves far st. lk that can you can use give you the threat of tick throwing, or to make your transition to Gouken Flip easier but you get the point. There are alot of other things you can do when you condsider FADC’ing, having your opponent trapped in the corner and all, but these are just general rule of thumb.

And yes I’m calling it Gouken Flip… I hate the Demon Flip reference. :tdown:

I saw daigo doing lp xx hadou, cr. hp, hadou on the corner, it was a delicious frame trap.

I usually did cr.mp xx hadou, cr. mp xx hadou, st. mk(kind of a blockstring) and it works wonders.

I believe daigo used cr.Hp - lp hadou, FADC, cr HP - EX palm etc… is to make sure the link is not broken…
I tried cr.mp to hadou but sometimes people will take advantage of the opening…

Yeah, you can use the lp hado as hit confirm and FADC out, and it gives you the added damage. Diago used it in the corner, which gives you the chance to cr. fp > lp hado > cr. fp > lp hado… before you even have to FADC and hopefully with faster normals this will be a bit easier to perform.

MP hado should only be used if you think someone is trying to jump, but if you miss they get a chance to punish so it’s not reliable at all in this scenario. The lp hado in your strings lock them down and force them to block or be punished by it.

on hit- keep the combo going. Your best options would be cr. FP > Palm (EX if you got the meter), or cr. roundhouse.

on block- grab, try to cross up, go for another mix up or combo, or just forget using the FADC and end your string with the lp hado to save meter.

I don’t see the point in this thread.

That’s nothing new… however the point was to help any one that is using Gouken and is having the same problem (mainly new-comers).

I saw daigo use jergens then he busted all over our faces…oops sorry wrong thread

I actually love jump in mp, cr.j ,st.j ,cr.j,st.j,cr.j…

On sagat you can get a 7th hit no bullshit…!

Brilliant!!! This is huge for me, another way to do the do. LOL