When in March is the March Update?

Like the title says, when exactly in March is it coming? At this point the game is next to unplayable. Battle Lounges rarely work and there’s still dropped casual and ranked matches.

I’ve said this before; 4 betas, a stress test, “server maintenance” for the whole day yesterday, and the game is still worse than SF4 at launch. That’s despicable.

Only Capcom knows.

…I doubt even they know.

In the first 31 days

in March

Your reading comprehension is astonishing.

March 2016 if we’re lucky. They may have meant 2017.

Much like your sarcasm detector.

I just played 23 matches in casuals and not a single one dropped. Only one had any noticeable lag. What ever they did yesterday, it worked for me.

most likely before or after march 18

Most likely March 32nd like every update for KI.

My guess is a week before the18th if not sooner. I think they want Alex to be in featured at the start of the Pro Tour.

When hell freezes over.

With him being a new character will anybody be able to use him on the tour???