When is a bad time to do a di combo?



When is a bad time to do a di combo? Also Just wondering…
What is the best di combo you can do? Because c.lk c.hp di isn’t very long.
Neither is c.lp c.lk c.hp di.:slight_smile:


Huh? If you have the chance to land it, by all means do it. Why wouldn’t you want to combo into DI?

And c.lk c.hp DI isn’t long? It works fine from max range low short… which is good enough for me. If you want to combo into it from even farther away, you can try doing low fierce into DI.


One of her most damage’n and easiest(that I’ve found) combos
is st.RH into DI. RH hits somewhere around 5-6 times b4 DI comes
out if you time it right. I usually throw in a cr.short when ppl dont
gaurd those toes. You can controll this by doing multiple short jump
D+RH. Thats a GREAT g-crush attack, and forces them to fight back.
Once you see them focus on block’n high, you go low(duh) with
cr. short, st. RH, DI. In Grooves such as P and N, you can lvl her up
very quickly with D+RH and possibly try the combo twice.



Shut up.


When they’re blocking is generally not a good time to combo into a DI. I hear it doesn’t connect, you lose meter, and they get to hit you for free.

Another bad time would be trying to do it and you’re in either A Groove or don’t have a Level 3 handy. It doesn’t work out quite often in those cases.

Please note the use of sarcasm here.



-full screen, fly for no reason, j.LP xx darkness illusion

That’s the K-Morrigan special. After all, no sense letting your meter go to waste without at least trying for a super.


so random it works! :lol: