When is info on Evo 2011 likely to come about?

A friend and I have been thinking about saving up money throughout this next school year and making the trip out to Vegas. Neither of us are all too amazing at Street Fighter, but we’d love to go and give it a shot. So when is it that the information on the next Evo is generally released? Stuff like the date, location, etc. I’m sure it’d be more than soon enough to let people make plans for travel (and for me to get a hold of a PS3 fightstick :sweat:)


EArly Next Year…so start saving/planning now.

Just the kind of answer I was looking for, thanks! We’re going to discuss the idea a bit more soon to make sure we really want to do it ( it’s just an idea right now). So having an idea when we can do the tricky stuff (airplane and hotel) makes it so much easier.