When is issue 9 coming out?

when is issue 9 coming out???

Hey udoneko,

You may want to “sticky” a thread that has the release date for the upcoming issues. That way there isnt always one of these “when will the comic come out” threads.

You can update it whenever you find out when the next issue is coming out.:slight_smile:

The SECRET project is wrapping up. This is taken us WAY longer than expect, from originally estimated to be a one month schedule and now it is going on the 8th week. While in the mean time we are trying to finish off SF book 9. At this point, we are gearing last week of July/ first week of August shipping. But that is NOT a confirmed date…

yes, all this delay for this one secret project… but… it’s all worth it… IT IS ALL WORTH IT!!!

I guarantee - none of you will not agree with me on this…

Thanks for your patience!

huh, i thought the secret project was darkstalker and rival school, hmmmm now everything seems to be getting interesting:cool:

Well, this ‘secret-project’ better wow me…

Maybe there doing the art for a Capcom game(Fighting or Rpg) Since they said its not Eternal Challenge Translation, and DS/RS licenses. This can be the most possible theory:)

Thanks for the update, Erik! I hate waiting for issues, but giving a close release date defiantly eases the pain.

I’m dying to know what this “secret project” is… bound to be something good. But since someone mentioned the game, when is “Hyper Street Fighter II” coming out for PS2? I really want to get it.


Last time I check with Capcom USA, the 15th annv game is slated for August release for PS2. Then there is an X-Box version later.

hey KenDog

gamespot says 08/16/04 for street fighter anniversary collection, the one with Hyper Street Fighter II as well as Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike. grrr, i hate being in the UK, we only got Hyper Street Fighter II and i long to own a console version of street fighter III, especially when theres always one guy hoggin the only machine i know of in london.

At first it seemed great we was going to come before the US to get Hyper SF2! Then what happens? The US gets an Anniversary package instead to include HSF2 & SF3 3rd Strike, so the PS2 owners in the UK won’t get SF3…

Man I need an X-Box, the only way that we are going to be able to get the full Anniversary Collection:rolleyes:

Thanks for the info guys! Wahahaa!! 08/16/04… two days before my birthday! Not too shabby.

So Erik, is this secret project coming out before the game? Or not sure yet?


Actually it comes out on 7/21/04

Even better :). What’s your source?


The secret project it’s probably a massive crossover project of some sort.

I ask both Gamestop and my local game/comic store and the date for it was posted up.

Somewhere this month in July…Or am i wrong?

The comic is coming out the same day SF2 AE is coming out for the PS2!!!??? So, unless Capcom USA is late with their Games once again (Thanks for Megaman Anniversary 2 Months Late and thanks for MM Anniversary for the GBA coming out in September slow punks who can’t stick to a release date!) JULY 21 WILL BE STREET FIGHTER DAY!:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

It’s also Ryu’s birthdate if I recall correctly. Odd coincidence, no?