When is it bad to JD?


I know there’s alredy a K-groove thread but I wanted to isolate this subject.

I heard that it’s actualy better to just block Sakura’s hk kick than to just defend.

What are some other situations where it is better to block tyhan just defend and vice versa?


I don’t think it’s better to block it but the result is the same- she has frame advantage or at least it’s neutral. So might as well try to jd and get meter and life. Also, any time they jump in try to AA and not JD. If you jd most likely it will end up with neutral frame advantage. This is advice from Ricky himself btw, but if you think about it it makes sense. You can jd a jump in and it looks like you can punish but you can’t, so always try to AA. A Sakura is just kinda cheap against P and K groove anyway(watch the Bas Makoto matches especially) so don’t worry about her, she will hurt you no matter what


…and no block damamge


HP of Cammy


why not? free meter. i’ve had instances where i jd like 5 fierces, one after another, if you get caught up in that scenario, just be ready to tech throw.


There is no real situation where you shouldn’t JD, maybe Cammy’s s.HP.

The only situation I can think of is
The opponent has no life (1 special will chip him) and he throws a fireball or does a move that you telegraph and can JD it but you have next to full meter and mre than 3/4 life, better to block the hit and work off there than JDing the hit and having no meter the next round.


if sagat has meter, don’t JD when he jumps in.


When is it bad to JD

When your opponent has little to none life left and you only need one more JD and you will waste a whole rage.

Just now read ShinNeosnake’s post, but yeah that’s the point.


how about…when you do a free k groove jump in and JD his AA but then your stuck so far up in the air that he can walk/dash /roll underneath u and hit you with a Free combo when you land ???

or how about a cammy jump in short/fwd i think u dont have frame advantage if u JD and she lands and does shorts>combo

also general k groove question do u guys ever get baited usually after you JD you uusally try to throw/or hit a button, do you guys ever get baited after a JD, say if you JD u hit your button and you end up getting the bad end of something??


About your first comment, when you JD and pop back up in the air, you can JD whatever he does next (EX: Eric Lee jumped in on John Choi’s Akuma, JDs 3 hits of the Gou Shoryu, Eric pops up, Akuma does and nother Gou Shoryu, Eric keeps JDing the hits till he falls down unharmed.)


here’s another example of when not to jd:

say your opponent is akuma and he’s knocked u down. most ppl like to jd on wake up so akuma can simply bait the jd (say with d.mk) and then raging demon you.

another one is for positioning:

for example, say ryu does a fireball from 1/3 screen away, instead of jding, low jump hk ryu. it’s all about mind games - doing something the opponent doesn’t expect.


i straight bit this from viscant.

wait till opponents gaurd bar is almost gone, then take a hit to rage yourself faster instead of jding. youll have super while opponent is almost gaurd broken and have him panicing now.

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I saw a match where Bas’s R1 Blanka OCV’ed Makoto’s entire team. I was like: “zoinks”.


never jd against A customs

never Jd if someone has an A custom for example sakura, geese, hibiki, iori, kyo, (yuri if theres any players out there), because they go straight into there guard break custom. Alot of K groove players are bad cuz there jd whores. what they need to do is jd when they need to and always anti- air your meter should be used to jd fireballs, guard strings on the ground, (if you jump in needlessly). easy jd multi hitting moves-- vegas barcelona roll, chuns bird kick, hurricane kick from shotos stuff like that. make them pay for the jump in not just let them empty jump or act. into combo instant guard break. another thing is not to WASTE THAT SUPER. It is very important to make the meter last if u can. 130 percent damage from normals, 120 for specials and 115 for the super. So obviously u should punish them with those normals. then at the end of the meter u prolly have a guard break…combo (bam there dead). c ya



Japanese match video, “crage_vs_ktoro.wmv”.

Is Toro suppose to be Otaku’s student or something? Stop Just Defending and DP you scrub! This match video sucked. It looked like something my little brother and I would of made a year and a half ago.

C-Cammy keeps jumping in with HK for no reason at all. She doesn’t set it up or anything versus K-Kyo. Kyo had an absolutely FREE HP oniyaki every time she did that. But Kyo decides it’s better to Just Defend instead, then get hit by a bunch of Cammy attacks after.

Don’t ever Just Defend when you can DP instead is all I want to say.


if you have 1 jd to go till you raged, you can jd jump in then immediately super…so sometimes its good, thats sort of advanced shit in terms of managing your k bar and setting it up…also depends what character you have too, it works best with sagats tiger raid…

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Another time you shouldn’t bother JDing is when you have rushed them down to the point where you nearly have them in guard crush (like with Geese). And you 3/4 a full meter, just take the hit from their counter poke to push you away, then you are fully raged, and rush them down. This way with geese, when you guard crush them, you get a full st FP into deadly rave which does more than 50% in itself, rather than a st FP into hcb K which does 20%. Same logic goes with most characters who have shitty B and B combos, but high damaging supers. K groove Chun Li. K groove Mai, K groove, K groove Hibiki etc.

EDIT: Whoops didn’t read the thread. I stopped when someone said it is always good to JD.


Now stuff is just getting repeated