When is it good to get a second stick?


I was wondering because I see people with more than 1 stick. I don’t know the reason other than collecting them.


Tournaments using other consoles they don’t have access to.
Bored of their original stick.
Collection of course
Guinea pig for modding
Just for the fuck of it.
Layout/Parts preference


Good question, I ask myself the same thing(but I play on pad)

Answer - when you feel you have the funds available and see a deal that you cant pass on, you may want to grab one for a backup…especially when it comes to pads, sticks however are more moddable, and if you are into that, then you can just get replacement parts if something breaks.


I have four sticks:

Two for the PS3
One for PS2
One PS1 Namco

I really only use one of them though - my PSX Namco (modded with Sanwa buttons). I have converters, so it means I can play on the same stick regardless of platform with it, which is a huge plus. I love my (Sanwa) PS3 AIAB too, but it’s out of commission currently, and a lot of the local players here play on 360 so it wasn’t cutting it in that respect either. The other two are a (PS2) Hori Soul Calibur II stick and a PS3 SE with Seimitsu parts. They mostly get used as loaner sticks for the local 360 players.

edit: So mostly…
[]For cross-platform play (but really, get a dual mod or equivalent for this)
]To have a loaner stick so you can both teach people to play and provide for people who play on another system and don’t have their own multiconsole stick (yet).
[*]Transportability (a smaller stick is easier to travel with)


No point to having it, unless you want to play on multiple consoles. Even then, it’s much more cost-efficient to just get a single dual-modded stick.

Other people just like blowing their money on the newest and greatest fighting stick, even though they’re all pretty much the same shit at those upper price brackets.


On second thought, sticks are expensive enough I think it isn’t as comparable to having a backup pad in case it breaks, so no valid reason I can think of to spend that much just for a backup.


One for guests.

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For collecting. I have 10 so far. Markman has like 9 billion. Not just madcatz sticks but almost every single one made


because why not, variety is the spice of life. :slight_smile:


This is why I have two; Sometimes, you want to play these games with people. Those people might not own or might not want to lug their own sticks.


It’s time to buy another fight stick when you WANT to buy another fight stick.

I bought a Fighting Stick 3 to first start, 2 of them so I could play with my friend.(first fightsticks).
After a few months I realized what people were talking about when they referred to quality of the buttons and joysticks, so I moved up and bought a HRAP3 with semimitsu buttons. This did me wonderfully, so I gave away my old sticks to my brother, my friend got one so I didn’t need 2.

Another few months passed and I was on eBay, drunk, looking to get a 360 stick to dual mod. I find a HRAP3-SA (Sanwa buttons) and bid on that shit fast. It wasn’t until the next morning I realized I bought another PS3 stick, so now I have 2 PS3 sticks when I needed one for xbox.

And then recently I decided to bite the bullet and just buy a great dual-mod stick. The first HRAP I bought I put in a LED mod and plan on just using it as my “experiment stick”.

But the short answer is: buy a new stick when you want one - there are people out there who go to EVO and place top 16 while using shitty PS1 fight sticks, or some custom rig made of literal cardboard boxes, etc.


lol - when is it not a good time to buy one?

just wait for a sale or if you see one on ebay under $100.


Bought my first stick 2 days ago, www.newegg.com , they have the SfxT Pro Line stick for 99$ shipped, and its brand new.
I believe they also have the Soul calibur V V.S for 99. But the SFxT rivals the TE sticks, full sanwa parts, and has the slanted front for resting your wrist.


Keep an eye on second hand stores, facebook groups, and craigslist. I bought a MvC2 TE (xbox360) for only $75 and the Chun Li TE-s(PS3) for $50.


whenever u want one man. just do it. buy it.


Lend me a PS3 stick. I want to see if I want to buy one


Ugh. I just bought a 3rd fightstick for no discernible reason apart from the fact that it was $30 on Amazon and I couldn’t resist. If anyone’s interested, it’s the WWE Brawlstick by Madcatz, and it’s currently on sale at Amazon with free shipping. I feel a bit silly, but I’m sure I could fix it up and find a buyer if I needed to. There’s absolutely no reason I can think of to have three sticks, but it was just so cheap I couldn’t help it.



I’ll probably end up w/ 3-4 sticks. It’s rather fun to have a couple to play some old school games on PS3/360 or on your PC. Ah, 4-player NFL Blitz is actually a lot more fun on stick.


Im up to 4 myself but i don’t even use them at home. I go to lans and have 2 monitors hooked up to 2 xbox 360’s and the 4 joysticks are there for others to play on since not all the people there have their own joysticks. 2 of them are the qanba q4raf sticks and the other 2 i just bought are hori fighting edge sticks.


Swag, my friend… It’s all about the swag…