When is it NOT safe to call Commando?

Question… Any particular situations where he would get raped? For inspiration…

When any other assist is about to come out. Particularly Tron. Also, when you’re being RTSDed and will likely get hit by Mag - that’s a free double snap.

RTSDed? Rushed The Shit Down’ed?

Well, RedTSD, but that’s hardly as graceful, right?

What does it mean?

It’s an old term. It translates to Rush That Ship Down. (yeah…I didn’t cus).

Oh, almost forgot a very common situation. Don’t counter-call Capcom if the opponent is Storm, has meter, and won’t get hit by your Capcom. Your assist will eat a Hailstorm for free.

really the best time to call commando is when they have called an assist (like commando) or don’t have a way to punish the assist.

There are various situations you call differently in, a magneto with his psy out versus a loaded cable with his commando out are two verrryyyy different things. I know a ton of cables that will call a empty assist just to try to get you to punish if they are loaded.

The best way to beat scrubby thrax teams most of the time is to countercall (scrub thrax spams capcom without thinking a ton).

EDIT: Green is right, once that scrubby thrax catches on they will try and call capcom xx hail expecting you to counter call so watch that whore.

what assists can capAAA beat and what it can’t beat?

ex: cyke, psy, doom, cable AAA’s…

What can it beat? Basically nothing, unless the Corridor hits something that can be “destroyed”, e.g. you call Capcom immediately after somebody calls drones. But, Capcom can get stuffed by the drones if you call him late.

so capAAA’s about anticipation?

cap is good against almost all assists EXCEPT tron…and doom if they have strider, and even doom isn’t as big of a problem since any overhead snuffs him out, and a lot of teams that use doom are so dependent upon him, if you go out of your way to do big damage to him the first or second time you see him…it will change the match =) hope that help

You also cannot call Capcom if Doom-b is on screen most of the time. Unless you are real far away from Doom and can call him from just far enough that the rocks will miss but the corridor will graze Doom-b, forget it.

As long as Doom’s rocks are active, Capcom will usually track to him only to be aborted by the rocks.

what about psy & cyke AAA’s? can coridor stop it?

It’ll beat Psy’s only after she almost reaches the peak of her “jump”. Same with Cyke, except his invincibility doesn’t quite extend all the way to the peak of his jump… at least, not to the same fraction as Psylocke’s.

corridor isn’t really a “stopping” assist…people use capcom to control where the point character can go (i.e. storm flying all over the dam place, keeping cable in corner, etc…) and he does good damage so if you just BAIT cyke and psy out then you can out damage both of those assists thru counter calling your assist. especially if you have storm and/or sent behind capcom

ok guys… tnx for the tips…

Corridor can only stop Doom if called in a fashion where the explosion just barely grazes Doom while the rocks are spinning. If called too close, the rocks abort it. If called too far, it whiffs. And if called too late, the rocks will already be out virtually guaranteeing that the Capcom assist will be aborted. There are too many factors that don’t work in your favor when one player has Doom rocks and another has Capcom.

It is also for this reason that every time Justin Wong plays Clockw0rk he uses Team Matrix. If he uses a team with Capcom in it against that player, he’ll probably loose against him. Even if he doesn’t, it would be more trouble than it’s worth for him. Why put yourself in a situation where your match would be more difficult than necessary and risk mental burnout, when you can win for free?

As for Psylocke and Cyclops assists? Yes. These 2 can abort Doom. Psylocke has terrible range though, and is likely to miss and get snagged by the rocks. This is all assuming that you don’t wind up getting pined in blockstun already by them. That’s literally how close you need to be just to set it right. You almost have to be point-blank.Assist wise,

Here’s my opinion on the best ones for aborting Doom…
1]Ken-a [I think that’s his aa]
-Your best bet
-Your second best bet
3]Cable-b [Beneficial hit trade with proper timing]
-3rd best bet IMO.
-The scimitar will cut past the rocks, Cable BARELY hurts his hand, and leaves almost instantly.
4]Cammy AA [You have to be real close, and real lucky. If called too late, or with poor timing it will wreck on the rocks. It will probably trade]
5]Psylocke- AA [No horizontal range, so it’s likely to miss or wreck despite it’s invulnerability]

I like to stop capcom with c>hk when he is coming in it will stop him then u sj cancel and trijump in there face lol best shit and there assisst takes damage
ps: only mags

Magneto’s ducking lk, or dlk, dmk chain also aborts Capcom. You have to time it properly though.

You gave me an idea. My question is can Bison or Megaman also abort Capcom assist?