When is Meterless FADC useful?



topic pretty much explains it.:looney:


For landing ultra mid screen. You could do any ex seismo combo and meterless fadc it for an easy ultra. Hell, even when blocked you can still go for the throw or combo after dashing.

It’s much more reliable than doing a regular ex seismo burnkick ultra midscreen as it whiffs easily and is character dependent.


Ah that makes sense. I only just learned how to do it off of simple things like jabs and other normals. About to practice working it into specials.

This makes me wonder though, could you do Ex Seismo > SJC > Ultra? O_o

the input seems like it would be difficult though, probably too much so to be dependent on it.


almost all situations where u can save meters u should.


It is possible to do EX seismo> sjc dash (meterless fadc)> ultra

That’s what I use it for all the time, get used to things being hard we’re talking C.viper here haha.


Oh yeah I am well aware of how difficult she is… I just haven’t messed with meterless FADC too much. Got all the SJC stuff down and FFF pretty well though. Just need to tighten things up a bit.


Proves useful during regular Seismo zoning as well as it’ll allow you to close the gap some more through meterless FADC dash.


if your close enough after ex siesmo you should just do ultra a second after no need for ex siesmo > SJC > ultra… if youre not close enough to ultra after ex siesmo… meterless dash can be kind of useful in that situation. like someone else said meterless dash is perfect for when you need to land ultra mid screen. meterless dash is also amazing for siesmo xx sjc siesmo block strings. for ex. do a block string into siesmo , such as st.MP xx cr.MP xx light siesmo xx sjc medium siesmo xx meterless dash forward xx and mix up it up like a nice sj feirce cross up burn kick or any other option… you can also meterless dash backwards if u wanna be safe during close up siesmo block string?