When is taunting appropriate, if at all?

So yeah, thread title.

I’ve heard that, if you’re already clearly going to win, that you shouldn’t taunt, that it’s unsportsmanlike.

I’m of the opinion that if you’re clearly going to win, and it’s like a straight-up beatdown, then yes, you can taunt. You’ve earned it by having whooped enough ass. Like getting a dizzy and about to unleash the final blow in the final round kind of whoop ass.

Other people just go Dan Hibiki style and taunt all day.

Others never ever taunt, some because they just don’t feel like it, or don’t believe in it.

What do you think?

you taunt even while losing? man I respect that in a fighter

3rd Strike gave buffs for taunting and Dudley rose taunt was great for mixups in the corner from a knockdown

If it doesn’t give you anything except a satisfaction of beating someone then basically all it really is, is just another erection… The other player will get all nasty salty about it and send you hate mail. But on your side, you were just showing off in a friendly way. Besides, in third strike it had an actual meaning and now it’s just for show.

I only taunt when something stupid has happened. Or if my opponent is just sitting there doing nothing.

Or if I’m trolling extremely hard. >_>


i dont know about it being appropriate but i guess its useable to make yourself seem vulnerable.

Taunt whenever you want. I’m not really gonna do it myself (except those rare times I finished someone with Plasma Storm->Snapback), but I don’t see the big deal. :wonder:

Taunting is appropriate when your opponent tries to win with a blatantly cheap tactic and completely fails.

Or when you just don’t like your opponent.

In SSF4 I taunt shotos all the time. Fuck those guys.

sometimes I taunt when I see mind-bogglingly stupid play

like in SFIV when a dumb Akuma nub is at severely low health with a full Ultra gauge trying to Wrath of the Raging Demon from full-screen

I’m over on the other side, huge health advantage, saying “wut” and then taunting

I take it as a white-flag-of-surrender thing; why else would they do that shit?

everytime im scraping your fray ass

taunting is a dick move and unsportsmanlike… but there should be no rules against being a dick or unsportsmanlike :slight_smile: taunt whenever you like.

Normally, I only use taunt if it counts as a hit (Taokaka, Dudley, Deadpool, ect.) and combo into it.

when making combo videos with a smart ass character i.e. my avatar



Whenever you’re styling on a nigga. See one thing I really like about SFIV, taunts that can be cancelled. Picture it, you perfected a guy in round one, bout ready to do it again, you taunt him, he rage ultra’s, cancel the taunt into EX DP. Swag

It’s very situational with me. I taunt when I win while beating cheap tactics, while playing Deadpool or after pulling off a miraculous comeback (mostly with Strider.)

When it’s the 2nd or 3rd, I usually message them “GG” afterwards…

i like sending taunt messages too


I taunt after winning. All the time.

Well, if you’re Dan and don’t taunt, it doesn’t even matter if you won. That’s going against the Saiyko style.

Otherwise, I just taunt when I’m really styling on someone. There’s always mad salt in the air afterward.