When is the best time to jump?

My boy Froggy told me to jump as little as possible in matches due to the fundamentals of Street Fighter 4.

My question is this… when the fuck should I jump?! Obviously over fireballs, but when during offense? :woot:

try the noob forum.

but to answer your question, when they least expect it!

(or on untechable knockdown with a safejump)

Mullah’s right, if they know your jumping habits, you’re kinda screwed, do it when they least expect it.

Well, when playing against sagat, not at the start of round 2 or this might happen…


That video was great. A little long but, I don’t regret watching it.

In a Bison tutorial alex valle metioned that bisons jump is so slow that he will never fail to anti-air him unless he is unable to(e.g in blockstun, hitstun, knocked down or whiffing a move)
Even if you don’t play bison it’s an interesting thing to thing about. Don’t jump unless you’ve done something to make your opponent not be able to anti-air you. If you’re both just standing there prepare to get anti-aired. Jumping is a reward you get for gaining the advantage on your opponent through other means.

also character dependent because some characters have stronger anti-airs and some have weaker ones. like-wise, some characters have better jumping attack options than others.

also i recommend reading the safe jump guide.

This so hard^^^ nicely worded

Also, lol at the OP who said his boy “Froggy” told him not to jump. Thats cute irony.

My god, that’s insane!!! Will be working on my Sagat for awhile.

As gief/abel/hugo/mika or anyone is about to throw you, jump or sj that shit. works very well if you are buki, adon, chun, mak. viper or akuma. jump to combo.
As blanka, you can jump mk a lot, it’s very quick.
Buki can set up combos via superjump cancels.
In guilty it’s pretty safe to jump and dash.
in marvel jumping can be done to extend combos, same with melty, guilty or any vs series game. even in cvs2 you can do it with kyosuke.
It’s generally safe-ish to jump around bison… if he’s not ready for it, he has no dp but extremely good normals and a pc that can hit you in midair. safe as in safe from dps.
with ryu you can jump away and GET TO THA CHOPPA with air tatsu. same with every shoto except sakura i think. Akuma’s juggles into itself.
You can jump after you know that your opponent expects you not to jump when you are supposed to, setting up a “random” jump in combo.
With a shoto you can do a surprise late jump in cross up tatsu after a knock down. daigos been doing it since st. builds meter and does damage and knocks down.
Jump in combos are good for punishers. If you are lucky enough to jump over say, a fireball and do it just so you dont get dp’d you can hit em f free. of course this game has some easy srk motions, unlike st.
Viper has the ability to superjump and sjc. so jumping isnt that bad for her.
fuerte always jumps. TOSTADA!!

  1. safe jumping after untechable knockdown (the only time where jumping in is almost always a good choice). if you jump in with an ambiguous cross up you have the added bonus that they have to guess what side you are coming from, but the extra time walking forward to make it ambiguous might make the jump not a true safe jump anymore. doesn’t matter though since they can’t spam DP to anti air you so easily anymore (note: auto correct dp might beat this)
  2. neutral jumping medium-far away from fireballs or jumping forward very far away from fireballs.
  3. neutral jumping right at the edge of someone’s horizontally moving special move. aka, bison: neutral jumping at the maximum range of his scissor kick will scare them not to use it at that range, or max range of sagat’s knee move, or max range of chun’s hazanshu, or even neutral jumping at the max dash in range of the opponent if they like to dash in and attack.
  4. stun your opponent with a move with frame advantage (+3 on block is pretty good) and then jump at them to cross up or frontal jump in.
  5. jumping is matchup specific. certain characters can be jumped in on more because they lack an all purpose anti air move and instead have spacing specific anti airs (sometimes not so good ones too). learn what spacing their anti airs are the most ineffective and jump in on them. you will want to do this because jump in combos are the easiest way to land big combos. in certain matchups (characters with dragon punches) you need to be more careful. it’s easier to jump in on these people by stunning them first (#4) or using an ambigous cross up on wakeup (#1)