When is the next STREET FIGHTER or CAPCOM related comic coming out?


When’s the last issue of SF v. Darkstalkers?


Currently the issue is slated for January 31 but Diamond ships whenever Diamond wants to ship. I never know for certain until a week in advance. I doubt if it misses that date that we won’t get it in February at the latest though.


On schedule! Street Fighter vs. Darkstalkers #8 hits comic book stores next Wednesday!


It comes out tomorrow. but here is a preview from SF v. Darkstalkers #8, the final issue of the series

The frighteningly furious fighting game crossover comes to its chaotic conclusion! The demonic Jedah’s master plan threatens not only the World Warriors and the Night Warriors, but the universe itself! It’s the final chapter of STREET FIGHTER VS DARKSTALKERS!


I was following the Udon books until the Darkstalker crossover. Any major developments I miss? I heard Chun Li met Gen in the afterlife and learned some of his techniques. Anyone know if after this the books will go back to SF, or this is it for now?


I think that was the biggest thing that happened. Well will read the last issue an hour from now so let’s see what happens. After this Sagat will get a Street Fighter Legends series. My guess is it will happen in and around when Sagat is added to Street Fighter V Arcade Edition.


Thanks Sano, much appreciated. A longshot, but does Q appear in anything other than that awesome alternate cover? Also do the following characters appear or do anything?

Blanka, Charlie, Guile, Rashid? Also, is Alex normal again? Was curious to see what was gonna happen after the whole Gill control thing?


No Q. The other ones you mentioned are not in the main story.


Ha well Alex was in the comic today. He looked normal so there you go.

Also forgot about Violent Ken showing up. That was the other big thing that happened in the series, SF-Wise.

Great ending. Loved this series. Now Capcom make a Street Fighter vs. Darkstalkers game so I can see Demitri Midnight Bliss people in current gen. Oh and put Dante from Devil May Cry in it just because lol!

Liligan OH SNAP!


So how was the ending, is everything “back to normal?” or are Darkstalkers permanently part of the SF world now? Any hints to the next story for SF? Not exactly sure how the DS cast fits into the crossover, were some “always part of the SF world, only now emerging?” Or was there a portal or something?


Always part of the SF comic book world now. Well hey Felicia is in the Tokyo stage in SF3 NG and Second Impact. Just with blonde hair. So maybe that’s enough for Udon lol! No portals, other than to get to the Makai of course.

There’s just an ad in the book that the Sagat series will start in Spring 2018.


Everything goes back to normal-ish.


Final boss (and boss baby) is defeated, and everyone goes back to their somewhat normal lives. It could be possible that Darkstalkers are now a part of the Udon Street Fighter canon world. But not officially part of the real canon. (Remember, Udon’s story and the official story timeline are separate). However, we do get hints of a Gill/Kolin shipping at the end. maybe possible hint of storylines for the next Udon Story arc.

Overall, i enjoyed the issue, and i’ve enjoyed the series. (of course, the bias me always wishes for more Chun-Li focus and spotlight), but i’m glad that she was a part of this. hard to say that I enjoy this more than the previous SF comics, but i looked forward to every issue since its release.


Hooray SRK is back! Nope no Capcom comics or manga while SRK was down. The ENTIRE PUBLISHING INDUSTRY was waiting for SRK to come back YUP YUP! :stuck_out_tongue:


Slightly OT but since I haven’t had anything to announce since SRK bounced back well I guess this is something to keep an eye out for lol!

Sonic The Hedgehog number 1 under IDW starts next week and there will be a new issue every week of April! Ian Flynn, writer of the Mega Man comic will be writing the new comic which will not take place in the same universe as the Sonic comics from Archie. New reader friendly so jump right in if you want.

Here’s hoping that the Mega Man comic goes over to IDW and Ian Flynn continues that too!

The Mega Man Mastermix manga volume 2 is supposed to drop in April. Hopefully in a few weeks.


Mega Man Mastermix volume 2 hits comic book stores next Wednesday!

The Sonic The Hedgehog comic has been really great so far. Loved how they handled Amy in issue 2. Good to have at least one video game related comic to read every month.


Awesome to hear! What’s the setting this time around? They left Sally and the Freedom Fighters angle with Archie behind, right?


Yeah it’s a reboot. It takes place right after the game Sonic Forces, but they tell you everything you need to know in the book so you don’t have to play Sonic Forces. That game had The Resistance instead of Freedom Fighters and that’s how the new comic is. They mentioned the Hooligans so it seems like some aspects of the Archie run still hold true in this world. Ian Flynn said the Freedom Fighters may show up down the line, just not in 2018.


Awesome, thanks for the info! Do you happen to know if there’s any Street Fighter comics coming down the pipeline soon?


The Street Fighter Origin Sagat limited series is supposed to start this year. Don’t know about anything else beyond that.


Udon is taking fan art submissions for their Street Fighter Summer Sports Special! The book is slated for August.