When is the next STREET FIGHTER or CAPCOM related comic coming out?


Street Fighter x G.I. Joe comes out next week!


Yeah SF x G.I. Joe #5 this week. WHAT THE… ROFL unexpected and fun!


Slightly OT but I just found out about this Art of Atari art book dropping in September. Most likely will predate anything from Capcom, but just in case you like Bad Box Art Mega Man’s actual box art lol it might be cool to check out.


Udon will have a Street Fighter Swimsuit Special! It’s the 90s all over again HOORAY!



Here are the covers for SF Unlimited #10

Plot: “With the Secret Society’s sinister plans fully revealed, one fighter from the tournament rises to challenge their angelic host. It’s Ryu versus Gill, man versus god, in a battle for the Earth’s future!”


Street Fighter Unlimited #8 AND Street Fighter Legends Cammy #1 hit comic book stores next week!


Here’s a preview of Cammy #1, PLUS THE CHUN-LI MINI COMIC AT THE END!!!

I’m kinda liking Chun-li’s costume in this mini comic. Can’t wait to read it.


That Chun-Li back up story in Street Fighter Legends Cammy. Wow just… WOW!!!


That’s all I’m going to say about that. :slight_smile:

Street Fighter Unlimited #8 was great too!


LOVED that Chun-Li mini story at the end. It was completely unexpected, but it showed Chun-Li kicking ass, which is always a great thing. But it definetely sets things up for future SF related stories. Can’t wait to see what they’re gonna do with… “that”.


Studio Udon will release a Street Fighter novel! Also a Dragon’s Crown manga, based on the game from George Kamitani who used to work for Capcom. He worked on Capcom’s two arcade Dungeons & Dragons games. :slight_smile:



Oh, i gotta get my hands on that when it comes out. Is SF The Novel just going to be a retelling of the all the SF stories that have happened so far? My biggest fear is that they’re just gonna put every single Udon SF comic in one and just call it a “novel”


It’s a novel that was written in Japan. Udon’s translating it. So it will have nothing to do with the storyline in Udon’s comics. Other than having Street Fighter characters of course lol!


Full wrap around image for that thing at the end of SF Legends Cammy #1! Last time I’m going to treat this news as a spoiler so if you still haven’t read the issue GET ON THAT! :peace:



Street Fighter x G.I. Joe #6 hits comic book stores next week! YO JOE!


It’s the finale of the SF v. GI Joe series as well


I enjoyed Street Fighter x G.I. Joe for the most part but that ending was too strange, even for me.

Not sure if the author was chanelling of the more bizarre episodes of the G.I. Joe 80s cartoon or something. Like Cobra Commander trying to draw his face on the Moon, or ‘The Viper’ episode. Definitely some weird eps out there.

May have worked a little better if he tried to filter G.I. Joe Sigma 6 or G.I. Joe Resulute just using the classic characters. That may have blended better with SF. I mean I know SF is weird sometimes but this was pushing things a bit too far. Can’t go wrong with classic Marvel G.I. Joe from Larry Hama, but that style of writing is probably way too serious for this kind of story.

Props for being unpredictable though. I can say I didn’t expect the series to end this way!

I give the series 3 of Nash’s dog tags out of 5. YO WEIRDO JOE! :stuck_out_tongue:


OT one time mention of a Super Mario Bros. comic getting printed in English! Just in case you want to read up on those losers that Mega Man and Ryu beat up in Smash Bros. or the stars of the game Super Mario Maker that the Mega Man outfit and the Monster Hunter Paleco outfit improved TREMENDOUSLY! Lol!


Street Fighter Legends Cammy issue 2 comes out next week!

Street Fighter Unlimited #9 also comes out next week!

The first TPB for Street Fighter Unlimited will also hit comic book stores next week. It will include an all new 6 page story!


Speaking of the cammy comic, here is a preview posted on Udon’s website


Is that Donovan appearing behind Akuma?