When is the next STREET FIGHTER or CAPCOM related comic coming out?


Yeah looks like. Nice! Loving the Street Fighter vs. Darkstalkers prequel back-up stories.

Given how Chun-Li is no longer an Interpol Agent and Akuma has white hair it seems like it’s taking place after the SF3 series or in and around. :slight_smile:


Street Fighter Legends Cammy #3 hits comic book stores next week!

The Street Fighter Swimsuit issue also comes out next week!


Can’t wait. I’m hoping that a preview of both issues will be posted by udon sometime within the next day or two.


Get dem boners out gentlemen, because here is a preview of the Street Fighter Swimsuit issue!


And here is a preview for the Cammy Legends comic coming out tomorrow.


Blanka vs. Sasquatch OH SNAAAAP! Udon probably had to do this one to make Ono happy ROFL! J/K


Street Fighter Unlimited #10 comes out next week!


Can’t wait for it! That means we’re nearly done with this arc!


Just purchased the Street Fighter: The Novel (from Japan). Should arrive at my door within the next 2-3 weeks. I may not be able to read Japanese, but I’ll do my best to explain what’s going on when i get the chance to read it.


My apologies, this is a few days late since I’m all up in New York Comic Con. Like every year, you can check the sticky official convention thread here in the Comic Book Forum for everything I’m seeing and doing over there with pictures coming soon! No Capcom comics news from the convention so far, but most of what I say is with an annoying Capcom fanboy slant, like you know, every single day of my life since I played Mega Man II. When it’s not an annoying Marvel fanboy slant of course. ^_^;

The Street Fighter x G.I. Joe TPB hits comic book stores this week!


Monster Hunter Flash Hunter #4 hits comic book stores next week!

…Say, I think I may have missed when Monster Hunter Flash Hunter #3 came out. Well… It’s out already! My bad. Definitely picking up both soon. :slight_smile:


Looks like the Street Fighter Unlimited Annual will have the bonus stories from the hardcovers. Cool!




I know i have the chun li story in the Chun-LI legends hardcover edition. But I really want to read all the other ones. Definetely ordering this one


Street Fighter Legends Cammy #4 and Street Fighter Unlimited #11 hit comic book stores next week!


Hoping for a preview of both today


The Sonic Mega Man Worlds Unite Vol. 2 Broken Bonds TPB comes out next week!


Does Dan feature seriously in any of the new comics? Question is for real…I buy comics if Dan is in them! I’d love something like the life and times of Dan Hibiki…like what Charlie got…or Legends Dan Hibiki, he only ever seems to be a cameo though in an odd age gap relationship with Sakura :pirate:


Read up to volume 4 of the Monster Hunter Flash Hunter manga. I like it a bit more now. Things don’t really pick up until volume 3, but once you get there it gets hard to put down. I still prefer the Monster Hunter Orage manga, but Flash Hunter is closer to the games. If you’re playing Monster Hunter Generations then you’ll feel right at home with Flash Hunter.

Happy Thanksgiving to all that celebrate. Be safe!


Udon artwork on T-Shirts. Pretty cool!