When is the next STREET FIGHTER or CAPCOM related comic coming out?


King of Fighters XIV digital comic staring Athena who got her ass kicked by Sakura back in the Capcom vs. SNK days lol! No English translation yet but it might come.


Street Fighter vs. Darkstalkers #0 hits comic book stores next week!


Tekken is getting a comic book too! Featuring a bunch of people Gouki AKA Akuma is going to BEAT THE GARBAGE OUT OF in June in Tekken 7. RIP Gon. Even though you’re not in the game you can get your little dinosaur ass beat too awwwww… Lol!



Preview to SF v. Darkstalkers #0 (featuring Rashid of the Turbulent Winds)


Rashid vs. Anakaris OH SNAAAP! Hype!


Just read the SF v. Darkstalkers #0. Very good introduction. Rashid was great as usuallt, and I’m excited to see where they’re gonna go with this.


I was SUPER hyped with Chun-Li at the end. Is this gonna center around her? Is she gonna play a stronger role? I’m excited for my waifu.

Can’t wait for more.


Volume 6 of the Monster Hunter Flash Hunter manga hits comic book stores next week!


You’ve made a very good guess at who will be the lead for the SF characters :wink:


@MattMoylan OH MY GOD! YES! YES! YES!!! I’m super stoked about it! THank you. I can’t wait to read #1


Covers for SF v. Darkstalkers #2 revealed!!!

About the issue:
Chun-li and Ken are trapped in dark dimension full of ghouls, demons, and monstrosities, and things only go from bad to worse with the arrival of Lord Raptor – the heavy metal god of the undead! The crossover chaos continues in STREET FIGHTER VS DARKSTALKERS!

(Sorry for the small pics, the Udon site hasn’t posted bigger images yet)

Super excited


Interview with the two artists behind the mini Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 comic coming out next Tuesday!



Will we be getting a street fighter legends cammy softcover graphic novel? I have seen hardcover listed.


Don’t know. Amazon has the hardcover slated for March 9th. Which may or may not mean comic book stores will get it next week.

If Matt Moylan is not around maybe float him a PM or hit up Udon on Twitter. Might be your best bets at getting a direct response.


The Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 mini comic was fun! I did not really care for the interior artwork though. I wish the cover artist did the entire book instead. But it was still a good read and nice bonus overall!


Hey @Sano I’m glad you enjoyed it. Did my girl Chun-Li make an appearance in the comic?


The short answer is yes, but not until 2018. We’ll have more extensive news about UDON softcover TPBs to share in the next few months.


Yes! Everyone on the cover is in the story plus a few extra characters.

Ken Siu-Chong and Chamba interview regarding the upcoming Free Comic Book Day Street Fighter Wrestling issue!


The Street Fighter vs. Darkstalkers Fan Art Contest has ended! I better see a lot of Ryu, Chun-Li, Morrigan, Rikuo and Ingrid OR ELSE!!! Or else nothing, but still. Lol!



Think I might have to start reading this, the concept is bizarre enough to warrant a look.

UDON ever put out more character central books? Only remember the Akuma one, and the Charlie Nash one-shot (Guess it counts) for recent stuff.


Cheers for that, I think I have the rest of them.

Streetfighter 1-6
Legends chunli, Sakura, Ibuki
Darkstalkers 1-2
Street Fighter IV Wages of Sin

That it ?