When is the next STREET FIGHTER or CAPCOM related comic coming out?


My review for *SF v. Darkstalkers #6 *

I thought it was pretty good. It was a blast to see our team of heroes back in action after a month long period in between issues. Chun-Li with her new found power and technique went completely badass in this issue. In the previous book,. Gen was able to help Chun-Li complete her training and pass his techniques down to her. And Boy he did. It was so cool seeing Chun-Li use Gen’s moves, albeit, a little strange. Chun-Li has always been a fighter with great speed and technique, and with the “killing intent” inside her, that speed and tech just got amplified. To see her lay her foes (and that mountain) to waste was nothing short of awesome.

I liked the bit when Morrigan and her squad meets up with Jedah. That bait-n-switch backstabbing (litteraly) was something I did not see coming, and was a great, yet short-lived, surprise.

And as the rest of the fighters join up, we prepare for an all out brawl in the next issue. And I certainly can not wait to read it. With only two more to go, the climax continues to get more intense.[/details]

After reading this issue, I’ve had some predictions of what would happen next.

[details=Spoiler]- Chun-Li and Morrigan would be the last two standing to face the final boss in the last issue

  • Maybe Chun-Li is forced to travel to the edge of the abyss of darkness to save her friend Sagat did warn her how the power of the killing intent could consume her)
  • Chun-Li gets one last saving grace from total darkness from another dead person in her life: her father[/details]


Really enjoyed the last issue too!



I thought what Chun-Li was going to gain from Gen was her Shichisei Senkuu Kyaku. This is the new super she got in the original Marvel vs. Capcom where she leaps in the air, kicks the opponent and there are Chinese letters on the screen. Maybe that’s something that’s still coming. It was interesting to see her gain some of Gen’s moves. Nice to see that both Ryu and Chun-Li have evolved passed the games in the comics.

Daigo The Beast, the manga about the guy who plays Street Fighter video games in tournaments hits comic book stores next week!

Slightly OT but Saturday is Halloween Comic Fest so if you are near a participating comic book store on Saturday walk in and get some FREE comics! Nothing from Capcom but there is a Thor comic so you can read up on the guy who got his ass KICKED by Arthur during Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite yup yup! What? It happened right after the story mode. Just after Dante got Captain Marvel pregnant after the had The Consensual The Sex. Why would I make this stuff up it’s not like I’m an insane fanboy or anything… :lol:

Have a Happy Halloween for those who celebrate and be safe!


@Sano, do you know if the Daigo manga is available for digital order?


Doesn’t seem like it, at least not yet. Amazon only has print and Comixology’s app has no mention of it. Maybe it’s coming down the line.


You can pick up the Street Fighter vs. Darkstalkers Monster Movie variant covers as posters below!



The Mega Man manga is coming back, IN FULL COLOR! http://www.udonentertainment.com/blog/comics/mega-man-mastermix-1


All of the covers for Mega Man Mastermix #1! There’s preview pages too. It looks amazing in color!



The Street Fighter novel is slated for next month!



Street Fighter vs. Darkstalkers #7 hits comic book stores next week!

Street Fighter Reloaded #1, a 99 cent reprint of Udon’s first Street Fighter comic comes out next week too!

Happy Thanksgiving to those who celebrate. Be safe!


@Sano - I’m excited for SF v. Darkstalkers for tomorrow. But are you sure it’s confirmed? Udon has yet to release a preview of the next issue. Usually, they preview a few pages a week before release. Maybe it’s because of the holidays. But hope it comes out tomorrow.

EDIT: Oh never mind, just recived it. Will post review tomorrow morning


SF v. Darkstalkers #7 was both entertaining and dramatic. I really enjoyed it. The previous issue set it up for a big battle royale at the end. This one was filled with action and excitement and it did not disappoint. [details=Spoiler]Everyone had their moment in the spot light (though I always wish Chun-Li would be granted more and more of it, she still had a great part).
Obviously, the highlight for me and this issue was with Donovan and Anita. it was really touching (and some how, inspiring).
The climax is definitely building, although, I do admit that I would love to see a Chun-Li & Morrigan v. Jedah for the final battle instead of a Everyone v. Jedah fight for the last issue. I was hoping Chun-Li would have a little more significant role for this, and maybe she’ll still play an important part in the end. Still, I’m excited for the conclusion of it. We’ll see what happens. I can’t wait for it.[/details]


Chun-Li_Forever - Yeah today on Udon’s Facebook page at around 7:00 AM, Eastern time it said that Street Fighter vs. Darkstalkers #7 was coming soon. Yeah very soon! My comic book store opens at 8:30. :lol:

I’m sure it’s the usual ordeal about Diamond shipping whenever they feel like shipping. These days comic book stores get the product a week before the release date. It’s just that companies are very strict about the day they put them on the racks. With manga, companies are really loose so if they say a manga volume is coming a week away check earlier in the week like Monday or Tuesday and sometimes it’s on the racks.

Really enjoyed the issue and all of the stuff with Donovan AKA Dee. There’s stuff I want to see in the last issue but for now I’ll sit back and wait and see how things play out.


The Street Fighter Shadaloo Special hits comic book stores next week for 3.99!

Also the prose novel, Street Fighter Where Strength Lies! Retailing for 19.99 in stores.

Street Fighter Reloaded issue 2 comes out next week too at 99 cents!

…So… Black Friday just past and I’m broke so who can loan me 25 dollars? :lol:


Street Fighter Reloaded issue 3 hits comic book stores next week!

There’s a few good TPBs coming out next week if you can’t think of what to buy your grandmother for Christmas. What? She can read some Capcom comics she cool!

Street Fighter Unlimited vol. 1 drops next week at $19.99. The first TPB for Street Fighter vs. Darkstalkers comes out too, it will have issues #0 through 4 plus the prelude stories and bonus stories. That’s also going for $19.99. Then there’s a Super Street Fighter Omnibus for $24.99!

“…I mean all of these books are great and all that but you didn’t get me a pre-order receipt for Monster Hunter World? YOU KNOW WHAT I CUT YOU!” - Grandma Sano in a few weeks. D’OH! :lol:


Did anyone read the Shadaloo Special. Is it any good? Are these new stories or old ones?


I think they are reprints of short back up stories in TPBs. It’s okay.

Street Fighter Reloaded #4 comes out next week!

Merry Christmas to those who celebrate. Be safe!


Not even Street Fighter Reloaded drops next Wednesday because even Ryu has to party to ring in the new year GEEZ! :open_mouth:

Lol! Happy New Year! Street Fighter V Arcade Edition, Monster Hunter World, Mega Man 11 and MAAAAAAYBE we’ll get a Devil May Cry V announcement! MAAAAAANG 2018 is gonna be great! Here’s hoping for lots more Capcom comics and manga too!

Have fun ringing in the new year and be safe! Don’t play Capcom games and drive M’KAAAAAAY! :lol:


^Hey Sano, I would add the SF 30th Anniversary Collection to the 2018 greatness :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah sure! The Street Fighter III series on a Nintendo console for the first time ever! They should commemorate this with a Remy amiibo. :lol!


Slightly OT but there’s a new King of Fighters manga in Japan. Hopefully it comes to the US.