When is the next STREET FIGHTER or CAPCOM related comic coming out?


Slightly OT but since I haven’t had anything to announce since SRK bounced back well I guess this is something to keep an eye out for lol!

Sonic The Hedgehog number 1 under IDW starts next week and there will be a new issue every week of April! Ian Flynn, writer of the Mega Man comic will be writing the new comic which will not take place in the same universe as the Sonic comics from Archie. New reader friendly so jump right in if you want.

Here’s hoping that the Mega Man comic goes over to IDW and Ian Flynn continues that too!

The Mega Man Mastermix manga volume 2 is supposed to drop in April. Hopefully in a few weeks.


Mega Man Mastermix volume 2 hits comic book stores next Wednesday!

The Sonic The Hedgehog comic has been really great so far. Loved how they handled Amy in issue 2. Good to have at least one video game related comic to read every month.


Awesome to hear! What’s the setting this time around? They left Sally and the Freedom Fighters angle with Archie behind, right?


Yeah it’s a reboot. It takes place right after the game Sonic Forces, but they tell you everything you need to know in the book so you don’t have to play Sonic Forces. That game had The Resistance instead of Freedom Fighters and that’s how the new comic is. They mentioned the Hooligans so it seems like some aspects of the Archie run still hold true in this world. Ian Flynn said the Freedom Fighters may show up down the line, just not in 2018.


Awesome, thanks for the info! Do you happen to know if there’s any Street Fighter comics coming down the pipeline soon?


The Street Fighter Origin Sagat limited series is supposed to start this year. Don’t know about anything else beyond that.


Udon is taking fan art submissions for their Street Fighter Summer Sports Special! The book is slated for August.



Six different covers for the SF Summer Sports special!



Cool interview with Ian Flynn as he talks about writing comics for Sonic The Hedgehog from Sega, Mega Man from Capcom and Arms from Nintendo! The interview starts around the 1:13:00 mark if you wish to skip ahead. Nothing about the Mega Man comic returning and no one asks about it, but he does talk about the process of adapting Mega Man and using other Capcom characters in the Worlds Unite crossover.


Some SF TPBs come out next Wednesday!

Street Fighter Classic Volume 2 The New Challengers TP, $29.99
Street Fighter Unlimited Volume 2 The Heart Of Battle TP, $19.99
Street Fighter Vs Darkstalkers Volume 2 Dimensions Of Darkness TP, $14.99


New Mega Man X manga coming from Udon in 2019!



Just chiming in for Sano since I don’t believe this was mentioned in the thread yet, but Udon’s USF2 issue for Free Comic Book Day 2 months ago had some interesting stories, bringing together quite a few elements from multiple sagas.

It’s also where I first learned that the Sagat Origins series is coming, as well as a supposedly forthcoming-this-year SFV AE update to Udon’s WW Encyclopedia.


Yeah I haven’t gotten any of Udon’s Free Comic Book Day issues for a few years now. I don’t think they come to New York for whatever reason and if they do, nowhere near my stomping grounds.

The Street Fighter Summer Sports Special hits comic book stores next week! There will be cover variants for Chun-Li, Cammy and Menat. In other words just buy the Chun-Li one. <3 Lol! There’s a blank variant too and an incentive Chamba homage cover. You can see them below under Independents or just do CTRL+F Street Fighter. Well, there’s no image for the Chamba one but since everyone is buying the Chun-Li one who cares really. :stuck_out_tongue:



Will there be an online version of it too via comixology?


Seems like it.


ROFL wound up getting all three covers of the Street Fighter Summer Sports Special. I was defeated by Menat’s booty. I WAS DONE SON! :smile:

I wonder why for the fan art contest for the issue why people were not allowed to submit images of Ingrid. I get that she’s not the most popular SF character in English speaking territories, but it’s just artwork. The last SF online fan poll had SF EX characters, characters from Street Fighter 2010, and even characters from the video game based on the Hollywood movie like Sedawa, and Ingrid wasn’t included in that either.

Makes me wonder if she is no longer a Street Fighter character. Or Capcom just wants you to believe that she’s not a Street Fighter character so they can sell her SFV outfit as someone who is from another game. Still seems strange and random.

Since she’s long “RUMORED” to appear in Tekken x Street Fighter I wonder if this might be one of those strange inter-company character embargoes Japan likes to do. Like you know, no classic Mega Man in Marvel vs. Capcom games because he’s in Smash, Dante didn’t appear in PlayStation All-Stars because he was in Marvel vs. Capcom 3 / UMvC 3 so they used Donte instead (this was actually confirmed by Reuben Langdon) and so on, Japan does that kind of thing with crossovers all the time. Capcom also admitted to not including Nemesis and Dante in Tatsunoko vs. Capcom because they were saving them for Marvel vs. Capcom 3. I still don’t see how any of this would have anything to with a fan poll or a fan art contest though.

Ah well. Would be nice if I could get a straight answer but I doubt that will happen.

Nice book though! The Poison pics were my favorite. WHAT? She looks female enough to me… ^_^;

The Mega Man Mastermix vol. 3 manga hits comic book stores next week!


All i’m gonna say is… Chun-Li.

Oh the sweet beauty and wonder and breathtaking art of Chun’s magnificent body.


WHOA a one chapter Mega Man 11 manga? SOMEONE TRANSLATE IT BAH GAAAAAWD!!!


Looks like the Street Fighter nover, Where Strength Lies will get re-released next week with a new cover.

I finished reading it about a month back and I enjoyed. Sometimes it moves slow, like in the space of 5 pages only like one punch will be thrown and the rest is flashbacks about how people feel about that punch ROFL! So fights drag out a bit. There’s a bunch of things in the book that going against SF’s official story and I don’t agree with the outcomes of some of the matches. Oh and for some reason this is the most coherent I’ve ever seen SNH Ryu sound lol! All we usually get is growls and grunts. Compared to that, SNH / Evil Ryu in this book almost sounds like, “Why excuse me good sir, I am going to assassinate you now.” LMAO!

With all that aside, it’s definitely a good read and there are some parts I really enjoyed, especially Ryu and Chun-Li knowing each other hooray! Plus the artwork, while there isn’t a ton of it whatever is in there looks amazing since it’s the One Punch Man artist DOING IT BIG!!!

My final grade would be 4.5 HADOUKENS out of 5. At the very least it’s something to tide you over while we wait for new comics lol!


I bought it a while back and am really getting a chance to dig into it and am loving it. I really hope it does well and gets a sequel! I’d love the same team to do more work on the rest of the mythos! I’d absolutely love to see G & Q and Juri penned by Takashi Yano and illustrated by Yusuke Murata!