When is the next STREET FIGHTER or CAPCOM related comic coming out?


The Monster Hunter Illustrations book will get a hardcover edition next week!

Street Fighter Classic Vol. 3 also drops next week!

Another TPB called Street Fighter V Random Select will drop next week too. Here’s some info on it and the stories it will feature!


Kris Anka will have a gallery exhibit in LA that will feature fighting game characters. Cammy in her Doll / Killer Bee outfit can be seen below!



Kept forgetting to mention last week. Udon is dropping a hardcover edition of Mega Man X Official Complete Works this Wednesday! Again not next Wednesday, this Wedneday November 14th.

So, there’s a thing on SRK now where I can’t post more than 3 consecutive posts on a topic so it’s going to be next to impossible for me to keep this going since we don’t get a lot of traffic. You can always check the link below to see what is hitting comic book stores next week. When the Street Fighter Legends Sagat series starts I’ll create a new thread for it at the very least.



Great. Now I can’t continue growing my thread on my own, and just as I was about to actually receive some time to do so.:disappointed_relieved:

Oh well. Looking forward to Street Fighter Legends Sagat among other things.:sunglasses: