When is the next STREET FIGHTER or CAPCOM related comic coming out?


The Monster Hunter Illustrations book will get a hardcover edition next week!

Street Fighter Classic Vol. 3 also drops next week!

Another TPB called Street Fighter V Random Select will drop next week too. Here’s some info on it and the stories it will feature!


Kris Anka will have a gallery exhibit in LA that will feature fighting game characters. Cammy in her Doll / Killer Bee outfit can be seen below!



Kept forgetting to mention last week. Udon is dropping a hardcover edition of Mega Man X Official Complete Works this Wednesday! Again not next Wednesday, this Wedneday November 14th.

So, there’s a thing on SRK now where I can’t post more than 3 consecutive posts on a topic so it’s going to be next to impossible for me to keep this going since we don’t get a lot of traffic. You can always check the link below to see what is hitting comic book stores next week. When the Street Fighter Legends Sagat series starts I’ll create a new thread for it at the very least.



Great. Now I can’t continue growing my thread on my own, and just as I was about to actually receive some time to do so.:disappointed_relieved:

Oh well. Looking forward to Street Fighter Legends Sagat among other things.:sunglasses:


Hooray someone posted which means I can post 3 more times! Like I said before, via SRK’s new rules I can’t have more than 3 consecutive posts. Which will make this thread difficult to maintain. Well I’m assuming most people stop by for SF comic book news anyway and I don’t have much of that so let’s see how things go.

Udon’s Free Comic Book Day issue in 2019 will be Sakura vs. Karin story! You can scroll down on the link below to see the cover if you want.


yay! I’m excited for this one!


Thanks for the heads up Sano.


Looks like Menat is getting her own comic in March!


Interesting! Is Rise still dead in SF? I haven’t seen her since the books released around sf4 where she haunted Bison. I didn’t read D’s vs sf, did she or Menat appear there?


Rose is still dead in the comics. Menat didn’t appear in SF vs. DS.

Some more info from Udon.



YES! I want both of them!


Menat Cover and previews


Interesting stuff, though, huh, they’ve jumped straight to SF5 Bison? I thought the last time he was around it was just a 12 clone? Also, has Fang been introduced in Udon yet?


The Menat book will be Fang’s Udon intro I think. Hard for me to recall one shots and short stories and I never get Udon’s Free Comic Book Day issues because those never hit my local comic book shops for whatever reason. I don’t recall Bison being in the book since Akuma killed him at the end of the SF2 tourney.


Hey just to confirm my memory is good, after Akuma killed M. Bison in the SF2 Arc of the Udon Comic, there was no indication of his Soul escaping, right? When Bison reappears on the SF4-SF3 Arc it ended up being Twelve taking his form. Am I recalling correctly? I mean obviously they are going to come up with something (judging by the pages from the Menat comic above), but just wanted to be sure I was up to date with Bison’s particular story in the comic.


Yup, I think you got it right.


Thanks for the reply!