When is the next STREET FIGHTER or CAPCOM related comic coming out?


Awesome, thanks as always dude!


Street Fighter Menat #1 hits comic book stores next week!


I’m excited!

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It has been released! I got my online copy 2 hrs ago!!!


How was it? Anything especially cool?


It was fun,


introduced to a new Character: Maggio. And Rose comes back, setting up a new mission for Cammy (and new Cammy legends Arc?)


Do they explain why Rose is alive in the Udon continuity after M. Bison seemingly killed her?


Yes. :slight_smile:

Loved the issue and the way they brought Rose back. The artwork was serviceable but it’s been better in the past. Was still good to have a new Street Fighter comic!

Mega Man Mastermix #4 hits comic book stores next Wednesday!


Any news on the Sagat mini series by UDON? I thought that was supposed to come out last year :frowning:



(no Apr. Fool Joke)

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Haven’t heard anything about the Sagat series so don’t know what’s up with it.

Necro and Effie will get a one shot too!

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Street Fighter Wrestlepalooza #1 hits comic book stores next Wednesday!

Happy Easter and Happy Passover to those who celebrate. Be safe!

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Dug the SF Wrestlepalooza issue! Slight spoilers - There’s a lot of Final Fight stuff in here and the events of Final Fight in the Udonverse are not the same as in Capcom’s lore. Looks like Final Fight Streetwise doesn’t happen in this world either, or it might be a lot farther down the road but no one cares about Final Fight Streetwise anyway lol! Despite the changes I still thought it was a fun read.

In the same issue they show of the cover for their July one shot. Akuma vs. Hell… WHAT THE… Get Asura’s Wrath in there I mean COME ON lol! I assume there might be some Darkstalker stuff in there but who knows. Oh hey Capcom and Udon, Dante of the Devil May Cry series ALWAYS goes to Hell just sayin’… Oh and if Akuma can beat up Marvel’s Mephisto and tear up his One More Day Spider-Man contract that would be swell too KTHNXBYE. :stuck_out_tongue:

The FCBD issue Sakura vs. Karin issue is coming on 5/4/19! My annual routine of being sad that my LCS will not get that issue will also happen on 5/4/19. D’OH!

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Thanks for the update dude, I’ll try and catch the Wreslepalooza issue. Will be skipping Akuma vs Hell. Bring on Necro and Effie!

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You can see the 4 Akuma vs. Hell covers below!