When is too old to go clubbing IYO?

Ill be turning 25 in January, and its not that big a deal. Although somewhere in the back of my head something telling me your getting old grandpa. I still want to go partying and dancing (not drinking I hate drinking now even a lil bit) and just try to fuck as many young broads as possible. But, looking for 18 y.o-23 to smash probably gives off a creepy vibe. So I dont know…you shouldnt come to a place like SRK for advice for anything let alone the internet but hell what do yall think? Or anyone above 26 with experience in this dillemma?

lol im 27 and i havent had a prob yet. im still smashin the college girls just fine. honestly people dont really ask questions like that after a certain point. as long as your not the creepy old dude like 40-50 in a college night your good.

25 is young, didn’t feel old till I hit 27-28.

Depends what type of clubs you hang out in, if you’re still going to freshers week when you are 30 then there’s something wrong. Go to club nights for the working professional types and less of the student types

I gotchu. Hopefully when I hit 28 Ill have all this shit out of my system. Its just…most older broads are tore up. And I still have the sex drive of a Goat on LSD.

Well apparently men reach their peak at 23 women reach their peak at 45 :wtf:

wait what? lol isnt that backwards a bit, mate?

When everyone starts calling you “sir” then it’s time leave the kids behind and move up a bracket.

26 isn’t old, but a club with a cover charge and loud music and watered down drinks is the only only place you can get laid? There’s something wrong with that picture, especially once you actually turn ‘old.’

do you live in a college town?

When your 50

I’ve seen oooold folks(50s-60s) go to hiphop clubs when I was in Fukuoka, and they were wearing some really painful(to me) thug wear while trying to c-walk. Everybody else was in their early to mid 20s. I want to say that’s when you get too old…but really, it depends on if you go alone I guess. I’ve seen that same age group just converse with one another and have a good time while all the young kids were dancing and stuff.

If you ask me, a sober man is never too old to go out preying on drunk girls.

There are clubs and bars for all age groups. Just stay in the appropriate setting and you will never be out of place. That age shit is just for people who expect everyone to be saddled with a family by 30. With this country’s divorve rate, everyone is going out.

No. He’s right. You are past your sexual peak now. You’ll start wanting sex less and less as you get older. It is just the way things go.

Women on the other hand, want to have sex much less when they are in their 20s, but have a growing desire for sex. Cougars are not just a made-up thing. These middle-aged women really want some penis.

Whenever you get bored.

I love in a college town, turning 25 next month.

All I have to say is…

So here I am, growing older all the time.
** Looking older all the time.**
** Feeling younger in my mind!!**

33 IMO is the cutoff for just regular clubs. But if you are lucky enough to live in a big city I’m sure there are night clubs aimed at older folks, so technically you could still keep going.

^ This… im in my 30’s and I havnt gone to a club in years (My friends and I used to go to bars/clubs ALOT back in the day, done the whole lads clubbing/party holidays etc). Ill be damned if im the creepy old dude in the club… once you getto your 30’s thats it imho. Im a family man now :slight_smile:

I’m about to turn 28 in 2 weeks and I feel old, but I can pass for under 21 because I keep getting carded every 5 minutes when I’m in a Casino. The problem is I never wanted to go clubbing until I developed a taste for electro music. Like the music but scene is a hit or miss. Sometimes its a mix crowd and sometimes its nothing but jail-bait, ecstasy goblins and crackhead/whores. Gotta find the right spot for you and your only too old to go clubbin when your in an electric wheelchair wearing diapers. Get it out of your system and bring friends and talk to young girls before you regret it.

Im 24 and I’ve met alot of older women at clubs. It doesn’t really matter as long as you’re drunk as fuck, it’ll be fun no matter what.