When Keeping It Real Goes Wrong: Classroom Edition w/ Vids!

http://upressonline.com/2012/03/fau-student-threatens-to-kill-professor-and-classmates/ (more detail)

Video of Freak Out


Warning: Volume changes about 20 seconds in from low to pretty damn loud. This video is also NSFW due to language[media=youtube]cCqu-pvj9Lg[/media]

Aftermath when cops arrive



Wow at the 2:45 mark in the first vid when she hits that guy sitting there. If this happened when I was in college it sure would have helped in making the day go by faster.

Favorite quote “PUT THAT ON YOUTUBE!” :rofl::rofl:


This could have been avoided if RockB was the professor in that class.

Avoided? The video would’ve been on Liveleak instead of Youtube.

I’m really surprised nobody at least put her in a headlock. Even the bald guy at the end acted squeamish.

Discussion about peacock’s evolution turns into “how does evolution kill black people.”

What the flying fuck was she smoking?

Damn man, black people can’t catch a break.



My girlfriend just texted me about this. She goes to FAU with her friend (whose professor is the bald guy that takes out the psycho in the video). Basically, that bitch’s college career has come to an end. Rightfully so.

bitch should have been punched right in the fucking mouth as soon as she started trying to put hands on people and getting in mother fuckers’ faces.

This is the reason why i married asian…

Also the girl in green looks hot…

:rofl: Ol’ boy looks like a professional rapist.


lol nothing crazy like that ever happened in college but i went to a high school in the ghetto (literally) and just a few years before there had been drive by shootings. that vid reminds me of those days.

there’s some ghetto girls at my college capable of that. Needs to happen (while I’m there!)


I think it’s obvious she had some kind of mental breakdown. There clearly wasn’t a single shred of rationality in her body.

My theory is that she’s one of the classic x-tian fundamentalist black people who are frustrated to learn about things that rivals their religious beliefs. Because she probably wants to go to med school, she is being forced to listen to facts about evolutionary processes which she cannot compartmentalize anymore since they contradict her belief that women originated from a rib of a man made from dirt.

Add mental instability from over-studying + a weave woven on too tight, and you’ve got yourself a disaster.

Sgh, black women…

Though it looks like this dumbass got Evolution mixed up with Eugenics(if she could even spell it)


Not too long ago, on the news, there was a flight attendant that had a similar mental breakdown while the plane was taxing to take off and said she would crash the airplane and everyone would die. I dunno, people are going crazy these days.

retards interrupting the professor to spout their halfbaked ideas is one of the reasons i skipped like 75% of my classes in college.

Is there something about this time of the year that causes people to flip out and go on some racist ish in college getting themselves expelled in the process?

Last year it was “Ching Chong Wing Wong Ting Tong” girl in California, this time it’s Sh’rwanda flipping out because evolution kills black people.

No, “Black people acting stupid and thinking they can get away with it ‘because slavery’” kills black people.

PS: I’m going to go out on a limb and say this was a troll. “Put it on Youtube.” Yeah, I have a feeling she said that so she can try to emulate her hero, Omarosa. Get famous off infamy.

“These days,” there’s the internet and youtube… and you ain’t even gotta go home or be at work anymore. YouTube is in your pocket on the very device that captures the craziness.

This ain’t keepin it real, it’s keepin it real stupid.

This bitch is so dumb, college cant help her. Hardore race-baiter and race card puller w/victim mentality. Ship that ass back to da hood.