When marvel rants go wrong


To be honest I’m not really big on marvel at all but when I came across this video this mans anger came off as a little jaded and misplaced. Thoughts?

lmao, this guy has problems. I lol’d at the chipmunk voice.

…he’s right though.

idc I still bought sf4, ssf4, mvc3, AE, and I’ll be getting umvc3. Capcom… plz take my money.

He has his points, people still like Capcom because they can do it right where it counts. Not everyone is a mindless, ignorant fanboy.

The guy in OP’s video… He’s doing it wrong.



if you dont like mvc3 just play kof13 :tup:

Ha I saw those, now I respect his hate hes actually talking about the game.

But homie from the vid I posted seems to be talking from the casual player point of view so its kinda misguided

I want sf and mvc though. It’s more about the scene and the comp to me, less than the money.

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hahaha amazing!

He certainly has his points, but he comes off too much as a raving lunatic.

the dude makes good points but when companies got that crack people are gonna buy it like fiends. you cant pull it off with every game and every genre… and even the most complete games still leave people wanting more… so what can you do? wipes capcum off lip

and fuck him for comparing us to the sonic fanbase… CoD or Madden fanbase maybe but sonic…cmon

Man whats good with him? We got an incomplete game, but we don’t know WHY. We can assume that all they want is money, and that may be true. But then again, that is all that is, an assumption. What would be the purpose for them releasing a game so unpolished and unfinished to the public. Do they think that people would like that or something? Again, assumption. We haven’t a clue of whether or not they didn’t receive enough funding for the entire game, and they had to release it in order to get those funds. Or if the development took longer then expected. What this guy is suggesting may be the end of us. Fighting games are finally going back in to mainstream, if they stop supporting this, then all of the obscure fighting games may remain obscure, and fighting games may never enjoy the limelight again. Not to say this isn’t Capcom’s fault either, but he just seems pissed off that he has to go to the store, rather than paying more to stay at home. MvC3 was trash, not becuase it was incomplete, becuase it was a complete gaming experience for a lot of people. He just can’t see how people can enjoy the game, which is his problem, but anyway. The game was trash becuase rather than focusing on making a good engine, they made an extremely bad one, in order to emulate the “BS” of MvC22. But what they DON"T FUCKING REALIZE, IS THAT MVC2 DID NOT HAVE BAD MECHANICS. Those were **EXPLOITATIONS OF GOOD MECHANICS,****EXPLOITATIONS OF GOOD MECHANICS,**EXPLOITATIONS OF GOOD MECHANICS. There is a HUGE FUCKING DIFFERENCE. You get all the BS you want, with the limitations of GOOD MECHANICS. Why can I OTG 90000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 times in one combo? Why does X-factor exist? Why can BnB’s kill you? WHY THE FUCK DID THEY THINK PHOENIX WAS A GOOD IDEA. Why does everything do a shitload of stun, were they afraid of hitstun deterioration? WHERE THE FUCK ARE TECH ROLLS. Just fucking stupid. Why the hell does the only people in this game that have to work hard for big damage is MODOK and C.Viper? Where the hell are the limitations in the combos besides hitstun? Why can everyone send 15000000000 things on screen at once? Where are the limitations? Is this what they thought MvC2 was like. That all the “BS” was free? That no one had to work hard for the damage they did? WHY THE HELL CAN AN 8 YEAR OLD MAKE TOP 48 at EVO? Not to take anything away from him, but really though? No, I am not buying UMvC3 becuase it will be the same trash as MvC3. UMvC3 would be passable if all of this stupid shit didn’t even exist. Extra characters in a good game for less? That would be great if MvC3 could even pass it’s self off as a half decent game. I don’t think that people enjoying this game is impossible. But me specifically enjoying this game, is 100% impossible.

/Misplaced Rant.**

i support capcom because morrgan is sexy… big difference

a black person saying “you people”…ironic facepalm

dude is like the cokehead preachers son who is trying to preach down to slutty women of the congregartion

damn people are weird… theres a shiton of games i hate for various reasons. i hate call of duty games now because its just that game that every annoying customer (i work at a game store thats not gamestop) plays and thinks every other game sucks and because they are the same game every year… i hate sonic games cuz they fuckin suck and keep coming out, i hate all sports games cuz they are boring sims, i hate the sims cuz im not a girl, i hate army of two cuz the main characters are dbags, i hate mortal kombat cuz it isnt street fighter…

but what possess one to go to a forum about a game you hate and bother goin off about it 6 months after it came out to people who do like it? shit makes 0 sense to me… theres too many games i do like that i can play instead. at least the guy who made the ops video seemed like he was more concerned with gaming as a whole rather than bitching about something he didnt like in a game. someone explain please

I tried talking about this in a few threads.

It’s impossible. People are arguing in the favor of a multinational corporation over themselves.

I feel like I’m talking crazy pills.

if your gonna bring an arguement to a group of people you have to know where they are coming from first… if you think they are picking capcom over themselves then your wrong… people like what they like, how many people do you think would have clicked yes on a poll to have marvel in feb or have it next year with a few more characters and some single player bullshit half of us would ignore anyway? theres alot of good games out there that have failed due to poor timing or poor marketing or what have you. no game is truely “complete” anyway and while i agree with alot of the shit the dude said on video, when you have most of the facts involved in game making what can you do about it?

every previous vs game started out with the goal of “fixing” what was broken before it, MvC3 started out with the goal of “lets be broken like MvC2 was!”

thats why i feel Ultimate has a chance of getting back on track, they are starting from point a and going “ok so MvC3 was a mess, how do we fix that?” and then the players will go an find the exploitations as it should be. however, with patches, i worry that cool shit we find will get removed

I can’t really say that much (I didn’t get Vanilla), but… picking Capcom over themselves? No one is blind to what they’re doing, but sometimes people don’t care because the game is something that they have fun with. And people have told you that fixing MvC3’s flaws with a simple patch is just impossible.

But of course, according to you, they must all be sheeple.

Yeah, this is the design philosophy that makes AE frustrating to me. Yes, people exaggerate how strong Yun/Yang/Fei is, but intentionally going for imbalance is just a horrible idea. Let it come about naturally.