When not to crouch tech?



I have a habit of crouch tech’ing all the time. I seem to get blown up by characters with a divekick or a vortex when I crouch tech. I still don’t understand how it gets blown up though. When is it exactly a good time to not crouch tech at all?


Divekicks are timed so that they hop over and whiff punish your crouch tech for a full combo. They’re functionally similar to lk scissors (which hops over a bunch of character’s crouching shorts) and hopkicks, except dive kicks lead to 200-300 damage vs. 90.

When the opponent is that close to you at frame advantage, you’re in a mixup (i.e. a bad) situation. There’s no automatic answer for when you’re not supposed to crouch tech. You should know your options in that situation and make a read as to what your opponent is likely to do.

Generally though, you may reconsider crouch-teching if:
-Your opponent has demonstrated the ability to consistently whiff punish or counter-hit you for crouch-teching. This is an acquired skill and most beginner/intermediate players have no idea how to do this with any sort of regularity.
-Your opponent doesn’t have any threatening throw setups. It may be a better idea to eat the damage from the throw than to eat a full combo, especially if you have life lead / time is running out. For example, after a forward throw, most Rufus’s go for a dash->dash->divekick that hits the top of your head, which will normally beat out an escape EX-PC. Just use EX-Scissors to get out and you’re back in neutral (and at advantage).

Without a dive/hop kick I’m not sure what you mean by vortex characters blowing up your crouch tech though, that’s just standard footsies. For example, Akuma doesn’t have a brain dead answer to punish your crouch tech except for EX-Tatsu.


I use the spacing of characters to determine if I want to attempt a crouch tech or not. Like if they’re doing a string of attacks, just block and let their moves push them away and then gauge if you need to tech or not. For dive kicks it’s gonna be tricky, you have to be a little more reactive and try to escape.


Just stop doing it…it isn’t worth it.


I agree, never crouch tech vs Rufus, Cammy and Sakura. #Kappa