When on a losing streak


We all know what it’s like to be on a slump. When it feels like you drop every combo and play too predictably, what do you do to break the cycle?


Step away. Stop playing. Go offline and play the computer on an easier setting. Destroy the CPU. Get your confidence back. Go back online and your dropped combo problem won’t be a problem.


Do anything but play the game for a while.


Does anyone else ever feel like throwing their arcade stick through the TV? In prevention of spending a lot of money on replacing Arcade Sticks, STEP AWAY!


Well it depends. IF he is taunting you as you play, pull the plug immediately. No point tolerating that bullsiht.


Best thing is to step back and do something else. Temper can be a hard thing to control, but it’s still a game after all, not worth the salt if you’re not having fun.


one of the main reasons you go on a losing streak is a combination between your opponent having strong answers and being able to read you flawlessly. he’s reading your tells. even if someone is far worse than you are, if they can read your tells well you’re pretty much gonna lose until you correct that

attack their ability to read you. how you do that, you should find your own technique. one I’d be willing to share is to pretend like you’re going to do what you normally do, but then don’t actually do it. for instance, if he likes to jump hadoukens to get in and fuck you up, get to the part where you’re gonna throw a hadouken, but then just don’t press punch. to him, it’ll look like you’ve thrown a hadouken already and he’ll jump. shoryuken that slut.

edit: the technique I suggested is a shenanigan. it will not work time and time again unless your opponent is stupid or you cleverly disguise it. you really need your own technique for it though…


Go into Last Stand with G18’s!!!


If you’re having a bad day you’re having a bad day. As previously stated, the best thing to do is step back for a bit and come back fresh.

People play reckless when they’re frustrated and can stack losses trying to break a losing streak when they’re cold.


1: get pissed
2: :smokin:
3: question why you were mad, play again and have a blast.


Go on SRK to whine bitch and moan…

Actually i find it better to go outside and just do something. Playing an instrument helps as well. It relaxes your hands and can also help steady your breathing if you get nervous.
(and if you arent playing woodwinds you can always sing)


You can always watch your replays in the replay channel. ask yourself questions during the match. why did I do this. how many times did it happen. why didnt I do this. what should I watch for. once you start seeing the answers in replays, you can start implementing them into your game.

watching your matches makes it easier to find the mistakes you make. the sooner you see them. the sooner you can fix them


Humble yourself. I dont allow myself to lose more than 5 time straight. If I do, I take the game off for the rest of the night/day. Can’t take the game personally.


I also agree that Arcade Mode works wonders. Seems like when I lose twice, I start to just dive into bad habits, and that makes me suck. However, once I play-through Arcade on the Hardest, I often feel good about myself again–even though it’s nowhere near the same as playing against a human.

However, if you find yourself really getting frustrated, briefly stepping-back from the game does seem like the best option.


Thanks for everyone’s advice i’m using it…lol

I have to learn to have patience too, sigh


SCAR-H Grenade Launcher with Thumper and Scavenger FTW


When I lose more than 5 times during a sitting of playing online I play training mode against/with the characters I keep losing against to kinda get a better feel for what the chracter can do and cant do well and try to figure out different ways to punish things that might not seem punishable because of lack of exp vs a character or I try to recreate the situation you lose to the most so may be next time you ll find a way around it that you couldnt see while under the pressure of the match. IF I lose because of dropped combos, and execution fail I practice inputs a couple times then dont touch the game at all for like 3 days but when I try to play I lose to literally anyone online then i get fustrated trying to win so I do stupid stuff and dont really focus on my opponent I focus more on not raging because I keep losing. I HATE WHEN I KEEP LOSING I GET THIS STUPID MINDSET where i keep saying ill play one more if i lose ill stop then i end up losind a lot of pp’s for no reason. Also, watch other people play your character it helped me a lot watching and playing other Cammys you can add a lot to your technique by mixing and matching others strategies with yours.


It’s funny because last night I lost 5 straight matches on Ranked and stopped playing. Personally it gets me irritated and I lose my patience so I can’t play like this. Best thing to do is to put the controller down, sometimes you have your winning streaks and other times you face better players and you lose.


A lot of people say just quit and come back later. I guess it really is a good idea, but I always feel like I’m admitting defeat when I do that. :slight_smile: (not that I wasn’t being defeated anyway…)


rage quit if your opponent is better than you.

is that what your saying?

taunting is hardly bullshit its a bit of fun and if it pisses you off and you rush i win,
if it pisses you off and you quit i win