When picking a character for the first time


I booted up Garou yesterday, and I decided I was going to pick someone to try for the first time. I haven’t had much experience with the game, mind you. So, I looked over the character roster, and I decided to go with my kid mentality- I picked Freeman because he has red hair.

And that got me thinking, when you try a fighting game for the first time, what draws you to initially choose a character? This is with the understanding that you haven’t got any background to go on. When I was younger, I would always pick a character with red hair- or failing that, a ninja. To this day, I remain a Hwoarang and Kage player. Now that I’m older, I look more at the outfit and fighting stance, so I have some idea of what I may be getting into.


if the character resembles something i’m familiar with [lilica in AH is one example] then i’ll try them out first


If they look cool. IE: Ash and Elisabeth in KOF, Urien and Twelve in 3s…etc.


If they’re girls. Girls kick ass.


How they look most of the time.

I first played 3rd Strike briefly on the Dreamcast when I was about 13 years old.

Immediately because of their more urbanized,cool looks,I was drawn to Yun and Yang(Without even knowing at the time that they were top tier characters).


I go for the loli.


Boobs. Seriously. That and newness factor.


Cuteness/New factor

Example: Soul Calibur 3, wanted to try Tira because she was new, however, she ended up sucking so i dont use her.
Tekken 5, Asuka because i used Jun, because Asuka’s the hottest, and because she’s new. She’s my main character now.

Whether i stick with the character or not depends on how much i like playing that character and how good i am with that character more than how they look. Of course, i’ll always main a female character in any game i play (cept GG where i use Bridget) cause thats just my style. =X


The Thai boxer/Hitler/Ninja/Robot


The larger, cool looking characters, robots and monster types.

Example: Juggernaut, Sentinel/IM/WM, and Shuma Gorath/Blackheart.


oh ya this too



case in point samchay:angel:


You play Karnov’s Revenge?

EDIT:nm I just saw you in the Fighter’s History thread.


In no particular order.

Sword user.
Karate outfit.

Which ever feels right at the time.


for me,

-if they got a weapon
-if they are chinese
-if its a hot broad
-if that character looks pimp
-if its a robot
-if its a ninja


huge tits

or a maid

or something like that


Nothing truly draws me to a character when I play the game because more than likely I’ve done research on the game before it touches my hands so I already have an idea based off videos, gathering my research and other things who I would like to play before it ever touches my system.

But that’s just my thing in general.

Chibi say what a maid?? Then why don’t you learn Iroha in SST? :lovin: :wgrin:

Shes top tier certainly with huge tits! lol.


You’re right.

Damn I completely forgot.



Pick the Ninja. Theres always some kind of ninja.


Weapon and balance types.