When Rambo meets Tony Jaa

You get this guy

Making of

I prefer Tony, he’s more real. This guy is too pretty boy for me

is this real? cause every shot of the girl makes me wanna bust out laughing hardcore. lol. the slomo is tooo much.

So that’s what dadesicandian has been up to.

InB4 “manliest trailer for a Bollywood musical ever”

Pretty interesting trailer, which is more than I can say for any desi film I’ve ever seen, although I don’t keep up with whatever silly, melodramatic crap my people make.

colin kaepernick?

When Bollywood meets Stallone.

Too much tricking, not enough fighting.

I thought this was about tony jaa confirmed for expendables 3 :frowning:

Where’s my song and dance?

Ah yeah…
Expendables 3…moar bitches getting Tiger Knee’d off buildings…

Dem niggas stole my elephant, Stalone - I need your help!
(commence Tiger Kneeing bullets and cars…even TK through a roadblock while driving at 80 mph off the top of a hummer…fuck using the turrets on the back…)

lol thai action movies are all about tricking on some weird crazy level now. cork round to the face son

lol does India even have forests?

ya not very Jaa-like but still looks pretty cool!

The movie industry might as well not bother, this will easily win movie of the year.

I wanna see Raid: Redemption 2 or something… Berandal? Raid: Retaliation?