When SBO is going to happen?

Well… sorry for my bad english, but I’ll do my best here…

I dont know if I should post here so please tell me if I am doing something wrong >_<

When SBO is going to happen ?

Last year I was there but in the wrong day, so I lost the SF IV finals =( I am Brazilian and I live in Japan, so I dont understand Japanese very well and it’s too hard to me check some things about games like that.

I heard that’s in 17 September, at Tokyo Game Show (Chiba)

Is this true?

Thank you so much !

I think I remember seeing on CC that Mike Ross was going to play on Sunday, which means that’ll be late Saturday night for the US. However I’m not too sure as I couldn’t find any information on the SBO website. Can anyone confirm this?

Information here. Scroll down to find the post.
Streaming it will cost you 1500 Yen.

SBO is live now. They just played Blazblue to the top 8. now they are playing SSF2X until 4, next is SSF4AE.