When Sentienl Is All Alone

Most of the teams I play with Sentinel have him last (MSS, ROW, etc)

The big question with it is what does a lone Sentinel do when the time is sorta… low. I usually c.hp xx fly fly over to em and hit hp and unfly but I often will eat an AAA are they’ll just block w/e I do. What should a lone Sent to do do damage.

depends on who you are playing and what team they are using.

if they have there main character and their AAA, you are basicly fucked

but whatever when the time comes…USE THE FORCE!!!:rock:

gouki10, do you ever have anything USEFUL to contribute?

Learn Sent’s matchups, if you going versus a loaded cable and he has capcom, well thats about the most careful you’re going to be, don’t fly, try and use some lasers, look for an opening.

If it’s mags, beware of psy and remember the power of the frying pan and fly.

It’s an uphill battle, but sent is sent, it only takes one hit to do something with him, so it’s really more about looking for holes and taking advantage of them, along with learning his matchups vs Cable and Capcom/Mags and Psy if you’re alone with sent.

Oh and against a runaway storm, please don’t try to follow her up unless you’re quick enough to punish her or have unfly, LA XX LS always gets a sent who’s not careful.

Snapback into unblockable might work for you.


go to the Olympia 4-17 LF 1 of 3 Mark (MagCableSent) vs JMar (W MSS) match

lol:tup: reference this for a what a lone sentinel should do.
you can see a lot of the strats parry wrote applied here.
If you intend to win with a lone sentinel against a full team, use your meter smartly and apply them where they are useful for space control/dmg and don’t waste them all on pure chipping. zone/fly smartly so you don’t get caught with a psylock AAA when you are above the opponent

don’t waste them all on pure chipping

Yah I tend to do this alot. Thanks for all the tips people. I’ma watch this video right now.

I’ve seen comebacks before, except this shit takes the cake. That was almost impossible to believe at times. Then again…I’ve seen comebacks in Halo similar to this retarted skill. (luck) “depending on who lost and who won”

Props to the players…

Long liVe SentinEL ! !:lovin:

This might be because I’m the only one I know that takes MVC2 seriously, but I’ve found stomps lock down my opponent for a while. c.hp xx fly lk hk unfly. Sometimes I like to unfly immediately after flying, or kind of fly an unpredictable way before stopming. I feel like I’m confusing my opponent, but maybe better players would be able to figure it out. I also tend to like the stomps more than the frying pan because they have more range, but I could easiliy be wrong. Lasers by themsevles seems like it would be an effective tactic. c.hk is pretty annoying, but you have to make sure you have and opening, though.

If you arent that far behind in life, laser, fly, unfly, laser is pritty safe and forces them to go on the offensive, making them prone to pans or unblockables.

When against storm, she will most likely take to the skys and run, so sj. before her and catch her with a pan to the face and stomp on her until she gets out of it. When she does, dont bother chasing after her once she is above you cuz her hp will beat you out. fly to a point where she wont hit you on the way down and unblockable/stomp.

Against mags, Laser and low flying HPs work wonders. dont stomp on him since if you have a hole it leads to an infinate. Also if you are stomping you are closing the gap between he and you and thats not good. Also what is really underrated is his standing laser against magneto, throw this out once in a while since it will often hit magneto where mags would jump over his crouching laser. actually standing lasers work well against storms too.

Against another sentinal it is a battle for the skys. If you are on top of them stomp away. If you are below, pushblock and superjump pan. nothing fancy here. Whoever uses their pushblocks and unflys the pest will win.

If you are really far behind and they have an anti air, what i would do would be to zone them to the corner (either by lasers and flying back and letting them chase me, or by simply jumping forward with few attacks so i wont get hit by anti airs) once there, you can go for cross ups like c. lk mp xx fly f.lk f.hk rp or whatever, but ideally you would catch them with a ground rp into HSF. If they arent going for your cross ups, try to throw them in the corner which is just as good. Guard break the next two people and thats game.

Its already been said but dont use specials unless you have full bars, you need it to cover a missed laser or if it will kill the char. To comeback you absolutly need those specials to do real damage.

Damn i need to study.