When Servbots aren't Enough: Tron MvC3 Team-Building thread

What teams are you planning for Tron?
Deadpool’s otg assist coupled with Tron’s cmd. throw looks pretty tasty. Either he or Dante with Jam session would make Tron’s throws much scarier. Also, they both have DHC options that would mesh nicely with Tron’s Lunch Rush super.

Also, I’m thinking Arthur’s fire bottle or maybe Doom’s missiles for locking down the opponent while I close the distance to land some of those aforementioned throws.

Taskmaster and Storm are two that I’m considering putting on the same team as her.



1. Who does your team consist of (in order of selection)?


2. What assists will your characters use (in order of selection)?

Up Arrows/Lightning Strike/Bandit Boulder

3. What type of game-play strategy are you pursuing with this team? (Explain)

Versatility is the best way to describe this team, I’m aiming for a good mix of keepaway and rushdown, with a hint of a good chip damage game.

4. What advantages does your point (first selected) character have?

Good overall damage, nice combos into Legion Arrow then DHC into Hailstorm, solid defense in the form of counters and hyper counters, can use Aim Master (Aim of Hawkeye) to keepaway as well as rushdown with the help of assists, decent mobility.

*** What disadvantages does your point character have?**

Like most other Jack-of-all-trades type characters, he isn’t the best at either role. His air mobility options are quite limited other than using Spidey Swing to get around. Lack of a level 3 hyper that can blow through a level 1 hyper.

*** What maneuverability options does your point character have?**

Cancel-able ground dash, Spidey Swing for air movement.

*** How will your assists aid your point character?**

Lightning Attack should be a good supplement to his anti-air capabilities. Bandit Boulder should help him extend combos which will then link to either a Shield Bash into launch combo, or a Spidey Swing into air-to-air Legion Arrow.

5. What advantages does your secondary character have?

Just like her MvC 2 counterpart, she is extremely versatile, she still can tri-dash and has IMO the most valuable level 1 hyper in the game in that she is able to combo into that from almost anywhere, it does good chip damage and is safe on block and the fact that it also does wonders as a DHC, she is still fast and has some of the best rushdown/keepaway/mixup capabilities of all the characters, not to mention flight.

*** What disadvantages does your secondary character have?**

Below average health, unable to build meter while running away and again, mostly a jack-of-all-trades type character, although she still performs extremely well in either role.

*** What maneuverability options does your secondary character have?**

One of the characters with the best dash capabilities in the game (Fast 8-way air dashes) and flight.

*** How will your assists aid your secondary character?**

Up arrows will help with anti-crossup situations and Bandit Boulder just like with Taskmaster, will help with combo extending and pretty good damage/chip (Come on, it’s the closest you will ever get to a broken projectile assist in this game).

6. What advantages does your last character have?

Some of the best normals in the game, air dash into jumping hard works as a really good crossup, assists allow her to do great damage before she even has to take point and it’s relatively safe and difficult to punish due to it being fast to start-up and leave, tied for the third highest health value in the game (1.2 Mil) and of course, the infamous safe drill into command grab or a level 3 is just devastating for people who are too reliant on blocking.

*** What disadvantages does your last character have?**

Mobility is better than most of the other heavies but is still very limited, cannot play keepaway like the other 2 members of my team, no real anti-air besides the angled capture gun and servbot air-raid (Or whatever it’s called), other than the drill, her specials are nothing spectacular though still decent in fulfilling niche roles such as anti-rushdown.

*** What maneuverability options does your last character have?**

Ground dash, forward and backward air dash and drill.

*** How will your assists aid your last character?**

If my other 2 members are not already dead by the time I absolutely have to use her on point then of course, same thing goes: Up arrows for anti-crossup and Lightning Attack to help with anti-air.

7. What kind of Delayed Hyper Combo opportunities do you think your team will have?

Legion Arrow > Hailstorm
Legion Arrow > Lunch Rush (If Storm is dead)
Lunch Rush > Hailstorm
Lunch Rush > Legion Arrow

8. What type of impact will your Team Hyper Combo have on your opponent (Explain)?

Not too sure, on the ground, a THC up close will probably cause all three hypers to hit, further away, King Servbot won’t get many hits if any, in the air, only hailstorm will hit unless Servbot has a hitbox up there.

9. What are some of the weaknesses of your team?

Nothing too serious, besides the obvious problem of having versatile options means that specialized teams will be more of a threat, but other than that, it’s pretty solid to me.

10. After filling out this questionnaire, are you still comfortable with your team?

Yes, but any input is highly welcomed, some insight into better assists are also welcomed.

Although this was like two weeks ago. I’m considering some slight variations in my setup. I might switch out her bandit boulder assist with gustaff fire if it’s “almost fully invincible” as EmptyShiki says. And I might swap out Storm for 50Sent for his OTG assist.

doom rocks + tron air dash H-atk for ambiguous mixups.

I’m going for a Sent/Mag/Tron for my first event next week. shall see how it turns out!, 2bad storms assist suck for extending trons combos…im having a hard time to get j.S, c.H, f+H+assist hit so i can make the srk hyper hit…otherwise she should have earned a spot on the team ]

That was Money in MvC2!

Right now I’m going for Tron/Trish/Dormammu. Dormammu’s black hole can combo off of the cmd grab in the corner into king kobun/lunch rush. And am using her drill assist to push opponents back while Trish throws her sword, or Dormammu does black hole, powers up.

I’m currently working with Tron (Boulder) + Haggar (Lariat) + Amaterasu (Cold Star). It has worked surprisingly well, and I’ve even won against a few competent players running obviously strong teams like Magneto/Sentinel/Storm.

I use Tron on point, Haggar is the ‘get off me’ move since Tron’s defensive options aren’t so great (or so it appears to me?), and Amaterasu provides fire support while I use a Drill to get in close combat range. If I end up losing Amaterasu, Tron can still provide very limited fire support with the Boulder, or provide said support if I bring Amaterasu to the front.

I am not entirely sure what value the Flamethrower assist has at this time, beyond extending combos. The Drill seems okay, but pushes characters out of my combos. So far the boulder seems like the best choice for my needs.

I’m running with Chris (Machine gun) + Tron (Bonne strike) + Hulk (anti-air Gamma charge)

I set Bonne strike as assist mainly to help Chris as it pushes the opponent back to help with his zoning. It works ok as a lockdown move when I have someone trapped in the corner.

When I have Tron on point, I put machine gun for Chris because Tron’s on projectiles ain’t very good. Servbot gun is unreliable, boulder bandit is too slow for my liking and works better with combos, and I don’t have any idea on how to use the flamethrower outside of AA. While Tron doesn’t really need an anti-air assist (I use it mainly for Chris) Hulk’s works well as a “get off me” move as it as super armor.

I been doing really well with this team. I earn a 20 win streak strictly using this team

My planned teams…

  1. Tron(Bonne Strike)/Dante(Jam Session)/Ammy(Cold Star)
    Dante will back up Tron with Jam Session’s anti-air and a follow up from her OTG. Ammy can help her against zoners.

  2. Spidy(Web Ball)/Tron(Gustaff Fire)/Ammy(Cold Star)
    Tron will back up Spidy with her anti-air assist. Ammy will assist both Spidy and Tron will her zoning. She replaces Dante with the follow up from Tron’s OTG

Feedback will be nice thank you.

Currently my team is Akuma y, Tron y, Chun-Li b it works very well, I rush down with Akuma, weaken them more with Chun-Li, then I close with Tron.

Trying Tron and sentinel. Still yet to pick a third member, thinking morrigan because of of her meter build assist.

I’m looking at Tron as a great protector of her assists because of that Fire. It eats up opposing projectiles and lets you safely set up your slower multi hitting assists. The reason I like Sentinel is because the dude is hard to spot when on the edge of the screen. Also the drones come from low covering the one spot where Fire misses. This can also work vice versa with sentinel on point so he can set up pressure as well.

If they try to dash in, they’ll get hit by fire. If they stay back, they’ll be pressured by the angle at which the drones come in. You can continue to pressure with the drones in front for high/low mixup or dash in command throw.

Plus sentinel is just beastly.

Go Sentron!

I just threw morrigan in there to threaten level 3 shenanigans.

so far I’ve mainly been abusing Hsien-Ko’s powered up assist (swing) since nobody knows wtf to do against it. it works for extending Trons OTG c.H into hyper. Tron is my favourite character to use on point (flame assist). 3rd member is Captain America (shield slash) because jump back shield slash and his hypers close down Sentinel spammers.

I’ve been rolling with Tron / Arthur / Phoenix. Arthur with fire bottle assist and phoenix with TK shot. With tron on point, fire bottle assist allow for OTG to bounce back up into combos and phoenix projectile assist gives good cover on defense… just have to be careful or else… you know she just dies…

When I’m using arthur or phoenix on point I have tron on drill assist because it’s so good at forcing your opponents to block and with phoenix’s mobility you can mix up opponents well or with arthur tron can take a hit to push someone off of arthur so he can get back to playing keep away.

im currently working on a Tron/x-23/sent team atm. i hope everything will work out in this weeks gather ^^
both x-23 and sent badly needs tron’s flame assist, imo ofc, who dont want a invicible ‘fuck off’ assist…
both tron and x-23 benefits from sents drone.
and x-23’s ankle slicer helps u j.S, call x-23 + Bonne blast to hyper combo easily.
and u can always DHC all of them if u have meter :).

btw lol tron’s j.H got such a disturbing sound when u do it all the time X) but not as disturbing as playing storm in mvc2 haha

Yeah, i thought I was the only one. It starts to sound like one of those japanese pornos after a while… Not that I frequent that kind of stuff… no really.

I’ve been using Doom - B (missiles) and Arthur - B (Daggers).

Arthur and Doom coexist greatly and Tron Boulder assist is the only assist to use honestly.

Missiles are great on their own and make drills safe.

Also causes people to block for a free grab into OTGs.

The missiles also OTG.

The daggers help cause more chip.

that’s the same team I’m using
although i alternate between b.hole and purification
and I anchor with trish

x23 ankle slicer and wesker ghost butterfly are both excellent assists for tron, 600k bnbs and easy otgs into super.

What’s the timing for the ankle slicer on x23? I keep trying to do that after the BnB combo into super.
So far my team is x-23/tron/mags.

The Hulk’s Gamma Wave assist is the best OTG assist for Tron, hands down. With the right timing, it lets you combo into Lunch Rush mid-screen off :s:, jc, j.:m::m::h::s:. In the corner, you can do Gamma Wave assist > Lunch Rush and then DHC into Gamma Crush, the most damaging Level 1 Hyper in the game. A lot of my corner combos do at least 800 000 for only 2 bars off easy starters. Tron’s Gustaff Fire assist helps Hulk lock his opponents down, but he doesn’t really need it for anti-air, he has no problems there.

But MODOK’s Psionic Blaster assist is simply incredible with Tron.

Do a hop canceled IAD j.:h: while calling MODOK (:l:+:m:+:a2:, :uf:, :l:+:m:, :h:) at max range. Usually if you cross up with j.:h: at max range, you’re pushed too far away to continue the combo. But with this set up, Psionic Blaster hits your opponent into Tron after the cross up connects, allowing her to combo at any range. Psionic Blaster also lets her combo after Bandit Boulder in the corner. It’s also really good for approach because it comes out so quickly. Probably one of the best assists to pair with Tron.