When should be next (unsanctioned) Brawl Online Tourney?

Alright guys,

The last tourny on tuesday night was reasonable success.
I think I can take what I learned and hopefully improve it, and make it run even smoother this time.

I’m looking for when people would prefer to have it.

I’m thinking possibly this thursday night (I’m not positive i’ll have time in which case I may need to postpone it), friday night, or saturday morning.

Lets see what people prefer. I may also hold another one sometime during the week next week also.

Edit: Hrm fuck guys. I just remembered I had plans this sat morning… but they may be changing. Anyway, keep voting, and I’ll see how my plans end up. If anything I’ll just hold it when I can (like fri night or sunday or whenever), and schedule another one next week.

Not another week day, Friday or Saturday even Sunday afternoon. Just not Mon - Thurs :slight_smile:

I’m pretty sure a lot of people would want on the weekend, possibly Saturday morning. Ergo, I will suggest that even though I myself pretty much always have to work on Saturdays at times that take up most of the usable day.

Besides, out of all these, the only one where I might not have to work is Sunday evening (but I should know by tonight that that’s probably wrong) and I know that’s horrible for a lot of people purely because Monday is the day right after. (Unless they have Spring Break like me next week.)

Anyway, I’m going to vote Saturday morning even though it isn’t good for me (this Saturday at least).

I say next week, im gonna be out for spring break this weekend, hehe. If you guys make it this weekend, no biggie, have fun guys…

I voted for Other.

Just because I, personally, have things going on the next couple weekends and I work during the week. Any Saturday morning or Sunday morning afterward would be great for me.

I’m all for further research for the whole items/no items debacle, and we are definitely pressed for time as Evo is a few months away. I’m just speaking from my (invalid) point of view and can’t make any upcoming ones. :rofl:

I voted for Good Friday. :smile:

Uh, definitely not Thursday/Friday night, guys. Some of us have social lives to attend to.


Spring break will keep me away from being able to play brawl after friday.

Saturday morning is awesome for me personally, since I have both free time and a good internet connection

If you can’t run it nasir, I definitely can. I have all the bracketmakers and stuff.

Hard to say lol I like Friday or Saturday though

Weekend nights are bad for me since I go out. I can do any other night though.

Nasir, you are awesome.

Saturdays work best for me.


I’d be down with saturday morning. Also I’d like to stress that these tournies are about abusing stuff. Please come into the tournament with that mind set. Last thing we want is for evo to implement rules based on what we’re doing only to have outsiders come in, break everything to hell and make evo look like a laughing stock because we weren’t pushing ourselves or being too safe. Check your honor at the door and get savage. :nunchuck::mad::annoy::nunchuck:

i voted for Friday night, but i can do Saturday morning if nesessary.

My entire TOP (times of play) revolve around my fucktarded 3rd shift job (EST)

Im off Tomorrow (friday) but I “may” be off Sunday (its my fucking birthday, no money to do anything else) so IF I get that day, I’d be free, schedule comes out tonight.

friday should be a good day. lol its like a mini pun.

Ok, the vote is split basically evenly between Friday Night and Saturday morning, and as such, my saturday morning plans cant be changed so… the next tournament will be…

Friday, March 21, 2008 , Roughly 6:30pm (PST) Signups, 7:00pm (PST) Start!

Details and new post to follow soon!