When should i fly in and leave?

since an official tournament schedule hasn’t been posted yet on evo2k2.com, would it be recommended to fly in on thursday july 29 and leave on monday august 2nd because evo is just a 3 day event right?

i’ve got a really good flight deal where i’ll arrive thursday afternoon and leave monday morning, so a quick reply would be greatly appreciated.


(and i’ll delete this thread once i get my answer:))

Dont delete it, others might benifit from knowledge

Im curious also…

If you can swing it, flying in on Thurs afternoon and leaving on Mon morning is the way to go.

Otherwise, the very last chance to sign up is Friday morning before 10:00 am, and the tournament finals run to around midnight Sunday night.

thanks a million for the speedy reply, i’m gonna go book my flight now.