When should I use High/Low Tiger Shots?



Are there any situations where it would be more beneficial to use one over the other?

The only real difference I notice is that if someone jumps in and lands short, if I fire off a slow high shot it usually can tag them right before they can land.


yes: every situation!

obviously, as you can plainly see and already know, they travel across entirely different heights of the screen. the effect of this is simply that, as tools for controlling space, they cover different areas of the screen for you. here is a very basic start:

  • you can duck under high tiger shots; you can’t duck under low ones
  • it’s naturally much easier to jump over low tiger shots; it’s more difficult to jump over high ones

Sagat is vulnerable for 7 frames (just over 1/10th of a second) longer when he throws a low tiger shot, as compared to a high one. also note the difference in poses that Sagat’s body takes when he throws a high tiger shot and when he throws a low tiger shot; his hittable form is a very different position/size/shape in the two cases.

the high tiger shot deals just a sliver more damage than the low one.



Mash DP and win. trololo