When Should Season 4 Start?

With Evo just around the corner, I think Season 4 should take place AFTER Evo. I know people want practice and so with that said, I think tourneys should be ran at Zach’s leading up to Evo but without a point system involved. Also, that way you guys can find someone else to run Marvel because I’m through running Marvel tourneys.

I think after Evo sounds right. It’s happening in a little over a month.

Sounds good to me

Is anyone opposed to $3 entry fee for ST? It seemed like everyone was for it the last time we discussed it

I’m lightly opposed since I’m a cheap bastard. I guess there’s some day where I could maybe get 3rd and get my money back though… It’s not a big deal, if more people want $3, sure. Make a poll or somethin’. It’s not like the one dollar entry fee is hooking new players in.

$3 is fine for me.

I don’t really care if Season 4 starts before or after evo, as long as a TOURNAMENT is ran at all. I really don’t like to travel all the way to Kirkland for just casuals.

I agree that after Evo sounds right.

If you guys make the tourney cost $3, though, I won’t be entering ST.

^ then you have basically played for nothing. Sucks to be you. $3 is fine with me.

Right, but we are expected to drive all the way to your house into Sasquatch’s domain to get some “ST ONLY” action. Got it.

This post sounds like it was written by a pouty 13 year old girl. If anything, we want people to be motivated and encouraged to play ST at the $3 fee. Dan picked up DICtator after watching Beasley for like 2 minutues, and now he probably ended up with more points than I did for season 3. Just putting that out there.

If I don’t have a problem finding a stick I like to play on, then a $3 fee is perfectly fine with me.

I’m seriously considering picking up ST for next season… but since I’m pretty much guaranteed to not win a single match against you guys for quite a while, I can’t really support a fee increase…

Clayton, just come over to my house and I can get you to a level where you can beast some gerber bracket pretty soon.

Pablo: People play serious at my house and Julien’s, but when people are at Preppy’s they are weak as baby knees in casuals for some reason. It is probably the air in Kirkland or something.

It is probably the marvel hype and its gravitational force affecting all other non-marvel games in the house. But then again, it may be the air in Kirkland. I drive there and I feel like a nicer person. Of course, that could also be due to the WHYSOSERIOUS amount of jailbait ass walking around. Kirkland is a trap.

I think it’s because we go to Zach’s to hang out and have a good time. Instead of playing serious ST, I can mess around with random mirror matches and random select, and not get mad at the bullshit that happens in that game so often.
Besides, who plays serious at Julien’s? I haven’t for a while… just messed around while learning things about the game itself/matchups for future reference.

As for serious play at your house: It better be serious when I’m dropping 25 bux in gas to play ST, and ST only with just a handful of people.

Sorias, I’d be happy to make you my next pet project, since Keith seems to have quit. Given your VF skills, I think I can give you a few tips to get you to a reasonably competitive level. There’s a lot of ST equivalents to Wolf’s “do a mid punch when staggered and low throw them” that can be a good baseline for winning, then you build your game around that.

NB: This post has nothing to do with a fee increase one way or the other, I’m just saying I’d be happy to help Sorias get up to speed with the character of his choice.

I’d be down for $3. Whether it’s deserved or not, I have a new found confidence in ST by my ability to do flip-kicks.

I was wondering if anyone is gonna actually join Cvs2. I was thinking about running the tournies at $2 a pop.

My main concern is that I would also like to start playing ST…I’m wondering if anyone at ST wants to play Cvs2. I figure I’m kinda interested in ST and I’ve seen people sleep on Cvs2.

I just really want to know if there’s an interest in cvs2…if not I think we should have a different poll for a new tourny game during Season 4.

im wonderin why i even bothered playing Sagat at the tourney, i coulda picked someone i am way more comfortable with than Sagat!

I’d be interested in playing.


FUCK A CVS2 :karate:

in other news, I think clayton could easily get beefed up in ST. ST is the easiest game in the world to get decent at (hard to get GREAT at but hey) once you understand the system. hell, I couldn’t play for shit until somebody taught me how tickthrowing worked in that game, and how it LOOKS like you’re still in blockstun hella longer than you really are. I used to hate the game because I’d be like WHAT THE FUCK IW AS IN BLOCK STUN AND YOU THREW ME? FUCK THIS GAME

Greatest example: Ken’s kneebash trap. Jesus fucking christ…