When should you just stop?


When do you think you should stop give up on one game and just go play another?


i think it depends on what you want to accomplish with the game you’re trying to improve in and other game(s) that you’re already playing.


I do it every year; give up one game and learn another for a bit of time.


When you sleep and dream about the game.


when you think that you cant learn anything new and is starting to get a little boring, then move on to another game

I did that with marvel vs capcom 2, the first couple of months when it came out in arcades it was hot, but after i realize of all the garbage that is in the game i moved to something else.:annoy:


If you are playing to win money, then you should switch games when you believe that a game has become “shallow” and that all technical depth has been discovered. To be honest, this is a difficult level to reach when dealing with certain games.

If you are playing for fun, then you should switch games when you are no longer having fun with your current game.

When playing in tournaments for money, a game becomes like a job. You might not like your job, but you stick with it because it brings home the bread. That is the reason for the difference of opinion.


I can’t stop. I WON’t stop! I don’t even know HOW to stop!!


You did not even read the original post, did you?


Actually it was based on the fact I’ve been playing 3S since it came out on DC and still suck at it. Badly. Figured I should go play something else by now.


Well, some people can’t get good no matter how hard they try. I’ll never be a good VS/GG/Marvel player, so I don’t play those much at all. Pick something you like, and then try to get good at it- don’t just play to get better when it isn’t fun.


I’m just saying: I still play ALL the fighting games I’ve ever played. I see no reason to stop one in favor of another. I keep coming back.


If you play a certain popular fighting game, I won’t name which, you should’ve stopped play X years ago.


When it stops being fun. I didn’t think there needed to be a lot of discussion about this.
The exception is if you’re playing for money, in which case you usually move on to the next big game when competition dies down for a current one.


When after a year and half of tiring to get people off xbox live and to gatherings, your local scene is still the same it was a year and a half ago.


Probably when you’ve gone to enough tournaments or gatherings and when it seems like you just can’t improve anymore than you already have. Especially if you don’t think it’s enjoyable anymore, then I guess it’s not a bad idea to move onto something else.


Even if I suck, I play the game. whatever I have to do to play. I don’t have a lot of people to play around here so I’m not TOO picky with the game. (We have a HUGE Isuka scene here!)

Why do people hate SO much? lol

edit: what game are you talking about? 3s? Alpha 3?


When you begin to Jerk Off to Fighting Game Hentai instead of Getting Laid or lookin at Real Porn…Then your far from gone so just keep playing…lmao!


at that point its not the game its the people you are playing. search for someone new to play and the game will be new again.


What??? That’s when things are just getting started :wonder:

Anyways, for me I would say it’s time to quit when you feel that every time you play the game you get frustrated. If it’s not fun there’s not much point, and typically speaking if you’re getting frustrated it means you’re not learning.


As the second post said: what are you playing for?

I’ve been playing SF2:HF since it hit arcades in '92 (and before it CE and WW), and have no intention of stopping any time soon. I don’t play for money or status or rank or any of that crap. I play for fun. I’ll stop playing when it stops being fun.