When telemprompting goes wrong. newscaster reads "racist" names on air


a plane crashed while landing at the san francisco airport last week coming from korea.


I’m sorry but if I were the news anchor up there, I would be laughing my ass off. Ho Lee Fuk.


That news lady is an idiot.


S-Tier trolling right there.


Ron Burgundy had a sex change?


I’m fucking dying.

Like, who comes up this shit? It wouldn’t be nearly as funny if they were just dumb names, but they actually made a fucking story out of them.

Also, gravity defying television.




While this is funny, it’s kind of messed up that someone thought to make light of a bad situation. Hopefully that person got fired.


LOL I am so fuckin retarded, I had to watch the vid, leik 5 times before I realized WTF was goin’ on. Bastards trolled me, too. I really gotta lay off the drugs.


Indeed. This is the first time I’ve seen this paradigm enacted and I hope its the last. Whats next jokes about the japanese earthquake made by a duck?


Turn phone sideways?


And why are people recording vids in portrait mode?

  1. awesome;
  2. grow a dick if you think this is racist.


This needs to be an Onion story.


Why didn’t you just link to the original video like the one that was in the lounge yesterday instead of this crap.


Some intern at the company confirmed to reporters that those names were legit… so this was all over the place haha


Somewhere, a troll is celebrating a FLAWLESS VICTORY.



she forgot yung ho.


And Wan King.


racism is funny as long as it’s not against my race.