"When the Funk hits the fan" The Steve Harvey Show Apprecation Thread



One of the best black sitcoms from the 90’s




This thread cannot die


Family Feud tops this.



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Family Feud tops this.


Liked in that too


Steve Harvey is a fucking idiot.


Never watched the show… wasnt available in the UK. Ill look up some episodes. Not sure if this comes near Martin though.


It does


“Where the booty at?!”

Mr. Big / H.Eisley

struttin in the room, during the stripper episode. Always wanted that clip. Instead there have only been a crap DVD of compilation like 3-4 episodes from different seasons and the scant youtubes. Clyde high stepping into and all around the room in the studio with Lil Bow wow talking about “baddest lil mug in junior high school”

  • Was almost a good replacement, but then that got taken down too. :sad:

Yo Mamba - Florida Theme park episode was on reruns a few months ago. Also still good. And Bullethead dying in every other dumb movie of the week cannot compare to his role in this one. Even though they only explained his name like once, way in the first episode or something.