When to attack after block?


I started playing SSF4AE a few months ago. One aspect of the game I cannot grasp is how to attack after successfully blocking an opponent.

For example, I play Sagat and I have a lot of trouble with a character like Ken when they press lots of buttons. Even if they are inexperienced and just throw out a lot of DPs and tatsus I never seem to be able to block an attack then get out a cr.lk or counter DP before they throw out another move that beats me. If I keep blocking I get thrown.

I’m sure this is an amateur problem because I get beat so often largely due to the fact that I don’t convert on my successfully blocked combos. It’s super frustrating to guess how my opponent is going to attack, block the combo successfully, then be countered or thrown when I try to take my turn on offense.

Any general advice would be appreciated. Thanks.


The most common advice you’ll get is to study your character’s frame data. That way, you’ll learn which moves are punishable and which ones are not. It also helps a lot if you train your reflexes.

I also fall victim to a lot of mashers online. The most common advice I get the same response when I brought it up in the SFxT forums, this is what they told me:

I think it will also be helpful in SSFIV:AE.


Frame data isn’t particularly necessary, unless it’s a really tight punish. For things like DPs and Tatsus, just record the dummy in training mode to do whatever move it is you’re having trouble with. Block it, and practice your punishes until you have the timing down.


You don’t always have to counter-attack. Try backdashing as well. If your opponent isn’t using tight blockstrings you should be able to DP FADC your way out of pressure.

Also with Sagat, cr.lp is usually a better interrupt because it comes out in 3 frames, whereas cr.lk is a 5f move. You don’t have to go for a full pressure sequence either. Do something like, cr.lp xx low tiger shot, then backdash to give yourself space.