When to bold cancel?

as fairly a new dante player… when creating combos or doing combos when does one use bold canceling?

Im relatively new as well, but I usually hit confirm into Stinger (Forward H), Bold Cancel that (L+S), and input volcano (before dante bold jumps which is what you dont want) which bounces the enemy up for combo…

If u are bold jumping, try to input bold cancel at the very beginning of Stinger (first few frames) which allow u time to input Volcano before dante bold jumps.

Volcano input: dragonpunch + M

After u launch them from Volcano jump and do j.H xx Air play (QCF+M) , j.H , (u will land) , Launch and carry on combo with any thing u want… just go in training mode for a few hours you will be good to go

most times you bold cancel from a stinger for your block strings and combos, you can however master bold blocking, which is when people throw out a super or a move when you throw out a normal, you can use bold move to cancel yourself out of the normal and block the attack. This works cause bold move does have standing frames to it

hmm so by doing this you wouldn’t jump by default b.c but rather if you block you’d stay blocked?

Bold cancel lets you cancel things that you normally wont be able to cancel.

Normally, Stinger cannot be cancelled into a special move but by bold cancelling you can link a special move and extend the combo

Sorry for the late replay been busy this summer but I digress.
You wouldn’t jump if you hit bold move during the flash and holding back to block during the animation. This works cause there is a time where dante is standing there before he goes inro bold move which is when he can block. Only works against supers iirc

Its good for block strings like what p0wer1337 said, but always try to have an assist, preferable a beam of fast projectile assist, behind to isure you do not get punished. Other ways to help improve you rush down with dante is to bold cancel into teleport followed by a dash and j.M/j.H while at the same time having that beam/projectile assist keep them locked down more. The teleport bold cancel can also be used in combos if you stinger and the fly across the screen. To bold cancel your teleport you do frwd s.H ~ down S+any attack ~ down S