When to decide a character is not for you


How do you decide that a character’s playstyle does not suit you? Is it when your winning few matches and losing a lot? If not that, then when the character doesn’t really come naturally to you and your often confused how to play them? When’s the point when you can ultimately say this character isn’t for me regardless of learning curve? Would like to hear others opinions.


When you find it boring to play on said characters strengths.

For example picking Dhalsim and finding it boring to zone people out and plan ahead a great deal.

(i also go by how the character looks, subjectively i can’t play an unappealing looking character like ken, akuma, rufus etc.)


What if the person playing isn’t particularly biased towards offensive or defensive play though?


I just focus on a character I like and forget the rest.


Ibuki is not newb friendly, she requires a lot of dial combos, and random attacks. Have you used Ibuki in 3S?


Probably a SF4 player.


Use Ibuki in 3S. Though certainly don’t know the character at all. I only play 3S quite casually on GGPO against friends. Do quite well with her somehow though.


when you’re not enjoying playing the character. thats it.


Not really. Don’t even have a main in SFIV. None of the characters I really enjoyed playing as or really suited my playstyle. So, waiting for SSFIV. I pretty much started back in HD Remix and got quite good with Dee Jay.


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Esp like this http://img714.imageshack.us/img714/2578/wowfoofus.jpg


I don’t think there’s such a thing as a character “not suiting you”. Simply, if you like the character design, then his/her playstyle will suit you, simply because you like the character. I guess the only time it won’t suit you is when you are playing the character not due to you actually liking him/her, but just because you are playing it because it’s in the higher tier.


You can do what ever you want. Thats the thing.

If you want to win and your not winning try a new character. I wont hurt to switch things up a bit.

You should do/play what ever because you want to. Its all about learning. Just know the advantages/disadvantages, of the character in use. Sometimes a character can hold you back. Not because of their “tier”(high or low) but because their limitations.:coffee: