When to do a dashing moonsault press?

Yo, lately I have been getting a lot better with Hugo and picking up on more advanced strategies.

I have the 360 motion down. I can do a dashing moonsault press, but I just havent had the chance to try it out on actual competition. I can do it repeatedly on the computer, but all that does is help me practice the motions.

So my question is, when is the dashing moonsault press/gigas breaker applicable?


anytime… 24/7 365…:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Yeah, you really have to mix it up. The most important thing to keep in mind with Hugo is that almost all of his attacks are braindead easy to counter if the opponent expects them, so you have to really abuse his mixups. Another really good time to do the 360+p against characters without a good wakeup is after you wiff a clap while they’re getting up. Most people will block instinctively, and the clap just misses, then the 360+p comes out immediately after. Keep in mind, though, that if the clap hits they will be in block stun and the throw will miss.

If you spam it all day you’re going to eat damage in your dash.

Dash up 360 is mainly effective when you train your opponent to block… example would be like on their wake up or after a cross up splash you do cr.short xx clap, cr. forward. or cr.short xx clap, cr./st. strong, or cr.short xx clap, clap… etc. Basically any mix-up that requires them to stay on the defensive.

Then you can break your attack strings and sneak in the dash up 360/720.

You should practice standing/walkin 360s, much more useful. Do a 270 motion starting from forward and ending on up, pressing punch exactly when you hit up ( the few frames it takes Hugo to jump). I find it works much better then dashing, though dash->gigas isn’t so bad.

Excellent posts guys, thanks for the help.

Reason I asked is because I can do standing 360’s, I guess I’ve always had a knack for it with my mad stick spinning skillz.

I will most definately incorperate dashing 360 motions into my arsenal, much more effectively now thanks to your guys’ help.

can you do standing 720??

Sometimes but it is not something I really practice. So yeah I prefer to do 720’s off a dash or parry.