When to ex palm > forward dash > Tatsumaki

Hey guys, I’m new here and I love your forums!

When to ex palm > forward dash > Tatsumaki?

I know this works on Ken, Ryu, and I know it does not work on everyone. Any available list?

Also, sometimes I only manage to get one kick (first) on Ryu, and keep flying up on my own!!! Is it because im too slow???

Experiment (on both sides)… it works on most characters though…

It works pretty easily on Ryu. Do you use RH tatsu after the dash?

The only time this combo is useful is when you want the damage and want to rezone your opponent, or if it finishes them off. Other than that it’s probably one of the dumbest combos to use since it puts so much space between gouken and the opponent, not to mention it doesn’t work on everyone and if you miss you will be max punished. Also even if you are able to land it, by the time you land and try to get at them, their stun counter has almost approached 0 b/c of long recovery and full screen distance between Gouken and the opponent.

Either use EX Palm > mp/hp palm or EX Palm > dash forward Cr. Roundhouse or some type of reset so you can keep the pressure on your opponent.

EX Palm > forward dash > tatsu looks very impressive but in the grand scheme of things it lets opponents off the hook b/c there aren’t any safe or good follow ups after you execute it.

Use in matchups where you zone heavy, like against grapplers. It’s one of your best combos to get people away from you for a lot of damage.

Thanks all!

What do you mean by RH tatsu?

Roundhouse Tatsu. Heavy kick.

Yes thats what I did

its easier to mp palm and gives you better recovery to set up your offense. if you tatsu, you can miss and eat a punish, if you hit it, you recover so slowly that they are safer.

i think it only misses on a few characters, fei, elf, and dhalsim

not worth it, unless you are going for style points.

if your only getting the first hit of the tatsu then there is two reasons A) it doesnt work on all characters (although it works on most) B) your doing it too slow. Try inputing the move DURING the dash and let the game handle the rest. Normally the tatsu will come out immediately after the dash so you dont have to worry about timing. But as iamthatiam said, only time youll really need this is if you need that little extra damage otherwise, you normally have some better options.

Back in SF4 I was adamant this worked on everyone but a few people since I used it all the time. After further testing it was discovered that it was easier to hit depending which side you were facing. I.E. For Guile and Abel, it is easier facing the 1P side or the 2P side and 90% miss rate facing the other way. There is a thread about it.

As for Dhalsim, you can/could (in SF4), substitute the medium kick tatsu for the RH version and it connected fully.

I haven’t played much of super so can’t tell you if it all still works.

Whattup reipin???!!! Holllaaaa!

Hey man! Not much. Haven’t played super at all really. Got salty over the changes to Gouken and just gave up the game. You’d think I could find someone I like to play with 30+ characters but no :stuck_out_tongue:

There still lots of time. You still play vanilla?