When to give up? (Arcade stick failure)


I am 25 and a pad player my whole life. I wasn’t fortunate to be able to frequent arcades in my life.

So I recently got a Hori FS 3 (soon to a TE stick in the mail) and I have probably put in 15-20 hours of practice on it. I am getting decent at charge characters but characters with QFC motions just wreck me.

What is the typical learning curve for a newborn stick user? I really dont want to give up but I never thought it was going to be this hard to transition from pad to stick. :crybaby:







It took me about a month practicing a couple of hours every day to get decent at it (so, around 60 hrs or so). What I tell anybody that is learning stick is that they have to figure out why they’re having trouble pulling off moves on stick (in other words, use the key display to help you out).


I think it differs greatly depending on how quick you figure out what way to hold it is right for you and things like that.
But at least weeks, as stated.


I feel your pain, I have played exclusively on pad since World Warrior came out on the SNES. I just got a RAP3 last week and it’s pretty frustrating, but I have seen some pretty big improvements, I still lose to people I would probably double perfect on a pad but it will all be worth it when you fully transistion, so just keep at it.


I feel ya OP. I just made the decision to start learning stick this week and I’ve been playing on the analog sticks on the PS2 controllers until I get the money for a real one. I’ve already noticed improvement in my charge characters, but I’ve been a Ken user since WW and it’s borderline uncomfortable playing him now because I can’t Dragon at will anymore. I can still Dragon, but it doesn’t come out 100% of the time (and I’m having a bit a trouble doing it while facing the left which is lame. :stuck_out_tongue: )

Keep practicing. It takes awhile for this stuff to become automatic, but once it does, you’ll probably be playing at a higher level than you would have been if you’d stuck with the pad.


Thanks for all the comforting words guys!

I will get it eventually! :rock:


>join date: 2009

A pad player your entire life? You mean a CASUAL player! Even if you say you’ve been a pad player your entire ‘life’, that means you have been playing fighting games for a while. You also say that you weren’t able to frequent arcades. This must be because you’re a giant loser! Your best bet is to give up! A true player would man up and play on any controller except for a Wii-mote! I know a couple of pad players who go to the arcade and do pretty good even though they’re not used to joystick. Quit crying about it!


at least a month. might take up to six months to get back where you were


Oh yeah, I forgot to add: EXECUTION ISN’T EVERYTHING.


Uhh… Fantiq plays pad and places top 8 at evolution… so pad warriors aren’t necessarily casual players.


If he kept OBD on, despite the hate, he might have done even better.

Marvel OBD hate is strong.


The learning curve never ends on stock fighting sticks because they are pretty bad as far as the parts are concerned. Once you get your TE you will find the execution of all moves to be much easier.


I used to be a pad player my whole life, then i went to stick…best decision i ever made.

All i can say is DONT EVER USE THE PAD AGAIN! just keep practicing with the stick.

I also have to vouch for LittleJimmy1983, all hori stocks are weak as fuck.


tekken 5 stick was used by ALOT of pros for a while, non modded.


What is OBD?

and Tekken players, I found are mostly pad warriors… :-/


One button dash.


Yeah, the transition was hard.
Dashing still doesn’t come as easy as on pad after those months.
Mind you, I’m not a serious gamer as in “plays 3 hours of SFIV each day”. More like 1 on average… at best :smile:
Just remember it takes time. Your musclememory has to build. That takes time.

And getting decent on charge chars… guess why I played Chun Li so much in Super Turbo for starters. Actually, charge chars are a great starting point.

One advice: when learning the “shtick”, practice each day. Just hop into practice, pick Ryu, do fireball until you get it 3 times in a row. Switch sides, repeat. Repeat with the whole moveset. If there’s a “1 in 30 times” move, only do it once. Once you have gotten more consistent, try 4 time. Then 5 times. It’s said 10 times is the mark of proficiency for a move.
Then I started adding in FeiLong and Zangief.

Stick to this and even with little practice, in some weeks or months, you’ll be basically fine :bgrin:


go back to pad