When to go for combos?


I’m having trouble actually applying the combo’s I’ve been practicing into real matches. When do you continue the footsie game and when do you use combos? I understand when to use punishes, like when they whiff or use unsafe moves, but I’m still confused about when to go in with blockstrings and BnBs in the neutral game.


Set your training dummy to ‘random’ block and practice your combos. You have to learn to identify, very quickly, if you’re actually hitting your opponent or if he’s blocking. Once you can learn to react to that, you can choose to either: 1) finish the combo and do damage, 2) go with a safe blockstring that pushes him away and can’t be reversed, 3) go for a mixup. Ideally either a tick throw or a counterhit setup.

After you’re pretty comfortable doing it on a training dummy, you can try going for it in a real match. It takes a while to be able to transition from doing combos in training mode to doing them in a real match. Just be patient, continue to practice, and you’ll nail it eventually.

Combos are only used as punishes if they whiff something big, or if you manage to knock them down and can get close to land these combos, or after a jump attack.


James Chen Has mentioned when you stick out your poke, have the mindset that you will land the hit and go for the combo, then stop yourself if it does not hit. It seems to be easier to to stop yourself from going for a combo than to decide to do a combo once you confirm the hit.


Don’t do combos just use ur normals if your a beginner


At some point you need to transition into using combos though :wink:


Episodes 4-5, while not being directly about SF, will probably still help you get the right mindset. They’ll be released very soon.