When to NOT use crouch tech?

I’m pretty sure i know the delayed crouch tech timing because i’m teching most throws after standard jab jab tick throws w/o mashing the crouch tech and i stick out my foot if they try to walk towards me, and i end up blocking if they try another jab, etc.

But i realized that when the opponent starts using frame traps, my crouch teching is getting me hit a lot.

Question: So it’s pretty clear I should use delayed crouch tech timing for standard jab jab tick throws, but should I just stop crouch teching when I see they are using frame traps? And what if their tick throw ticks are leading into frame traps (instead of just the standard jab, jab)? Does this mean I should not crouch tech at all and learn to crouch tech on reaction? Or am I not crouch teching correctly?

If you want to take the risk, go and DP if you sniff out a crouch tech. Yes, it’s risky, but even if you do get punished, they’ll get trained not to do it. Don’t be afraid to dp them.

lol thanks for the advice man but actually i’m asking about when YOU are the one defending, doing crouch tech.

When not to crouch tech, there’s no exact time when to do it, or when not to. However you just need to weigh the situation up. If a throw is pretty meaningless, however getting hit by a huge combo, or Ultra would be devastating, you don’t need to crouch tech.

If they’re intentionally frame trapping your crouch tech, there’s a few things to check. Firstly, make sure your crouch tech is late and well timed. Secondly, if the other player doesn’t throw that much, why both taking a risk and crouch teching in the first place. Lastly, this game is rock papers scissors, there’s always a counter, and if they’re frametrapping, try jumping to see how tight their frametrap is, just hold up.

If you can jump cleanly away from their frame traps, they’re doing a decent frametrap, and your timing on crouch tech isn’t the problem. If you can’t jump cleanly away from frametraps and get hit and are comboable, then your crouch tech isn’t late enough, if you’re getting caught by the same frame traps. Also, if you can jump, that also means you can toss out some lights if you’re close enough and beat out their frame trap. Sometimes getting hit while jumping is character dependent, but this just gives you an idea. You can even just cross them up while they’re frame trapping you or just neutral jump.