When to Parry or ex parry?



hey guys, small question.

When to parry with normal button, and ex?

I know I parry with ex for Ultras, is there information on this?


Using the EX parry is if you don’t want to guess if an incoming attack is high or low, at the cost of meter and slightly less damage.


Ex parry does less damage than normal parry???


Check the frame data on the srk wiki page.


Does ex parry parry all ultras?

Is there a list that clarifies this?

Thanks again


Dude. Stop making all these threads to ask questions. Keep them all to one or ask in one of the stickies.

To answer your question, no, EX Kongo does not counter all Ultras. IDK if their is a list, but obviously grab ultras won’t be countered


Or armor breaking ultras.


Or counter ultras. lawl