When to replace Sanwas

I have the original TE and I noticed the buttons don’t have the pop that my new SFXT stick has. Is it time to replace them or does the SFXT stick has a different feel. I put a ton of hours on my TE and they now feel kinda mushy or soft.


That’s exactly it; you put a lot of hours on the stick so the buttons are simply worn. They’re still perfectly good and working I assume, but it’s normal for the buttons to lose their new button feel over time. Remember, Mad Catz TE sticks use authentic Sanwa arcade parts. These parts were designed to take a tremendous beating every day with tens to hundreds of users handling them many hours a day, ever single day, up to months at a time. You’d have to be doing some seriously messed up stuff to break these parts in your stick. In normal, every day use, there’s no way you alone could put anywhere close to the amount of stress these parts feel in an arcade setting.

Basically, if it still works, it still works and will continue to work for a very long time under normal use. If it’s really bothering you or you want to change colors or something, sure. Feel free to swap them out. But, you really don’t have to. These parts are still perfectly good.

I thought people were supposed to like the broken in feel of well used buttons.

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Try washing and cleaning out the buttons.

If there’s no stickiness to the buttons, and they all work properly, there’s not much need to fix what ain’t broken. The softness you’re feeling is the springs in the microswitches that have been worn from use.
If they’re sticky or grimy, clean the button.
If they’re not sticky but you really want that new-button-spring, you can replace the buttons entirely, or replace just the microswitch. Replacement microswitches should be available from most arcade parts distributors.

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. As long as your buttons activate when you want them too, keep them in, no point spending money to fix something when it doesn’t need to be fixed. But of course your new stick has a different feel, its a brand new stick. After putting in some serious work on your SFxT stick, it will feel the same as the TE.

But like everyone else mentioned, try cleaning the ends of your buttons. Personally I like to add a little bit of dialectric grease to the edges of the buttons where they rub up against the plastic. Same thing can be done with your stick if you put grease underneath the dust washer. Don’t put too much, otherwise dust will collect.

Thanks brothers!

On different manufacturing batches some buttons might have a different feel.

If you like springy buttons you could also switch to a brand with harder springs. Sanwa is definitely the brand with the softest springs in them. Seimitsus are stuffer and iL/Happ/Yenox are all extremely strong.

Buttons are only two bucks each. only take 5 minutes to replace.
I was going to say, cant you just replace the springs? but buttons would be just as cheap, and then you have crappy old backup buttons, just in case you need something.

Washing and light grease sounds the wisest.