When to Safe Jump?

Hey everyone! I have a problem of when I should safe jump. It’s usually 50/50 for me whenever I attempt it. I main Balrog and have looked at other threads about his safe jumps, how to safe jump, etc. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. I usually safe jump when the opponent starts to get off the ground after he’s been knocked down.

Should I do it after an untechable knockdown? Does that even matter? Any suggestions or tips?

Yes and yes. Quick rising can be delayed by a few frames so safe jumps are not guaranteed against techable knockdowns. Safe jump setups are usually initiated after a throw or cr.hk, and maybe followed by whiffing a move so that you get the proper timing. Also, several characters have non-standard wake up times, so you can’t use the same setups against them. Safe jumps against 3frame reversals depending on timing and distance, and are character specific. Don’t know what Boxer’s setups are though. Check the Balrog forums.

Basically Jump Roundhouse before he wakes up. By the time he wakes up, your hands should already be inside his hitbox

People online are suckers for safe jumps