When to start entering tournaments?

There’s a tournament in my area later tonight, and I was thinking of participating. This would be my first one, however, and I have a couple concerns:

  1. Though I have an okay grasp of terminology, and some basic cancels and combos, I’ve never fought anyone considered in the intermediate level or better. The only experience I have is fighting my friends, who are either at my level (basic controls, combos, cancels) or lower.

  2. I still cannot cleanly connect some of my cancels/hit confirm, so when I try to pull some supers, I’m seriously just guessing as to when my c.mk’s (just an example) will hit.

  3. I just recently learned about some techniques, like negative edge, but haven’t been able to practice them. Will this put me at a huge disadvantage?

I know I’m going get my ass handed to me, whether it’s just against random people at the arcade or in a tournament, but I was wondering if this could be a valuable learning experience or if I should just keep practicing instead of “competing.”

If you’ll have an opportunity to play casuals against people who are better than you, it could help you a lot. If not, just practice by yourself more. You should play on Kaillera.

I’d say its useful even if you don’t enter to just stop by and watch some of the strong players. If there is anything new to you that you see, bring it back here and ask why it is done. You aren’t talking about the FFA tourney by chance are you?

I actually am talking about the FFA tournament! Will you be there?

Yeah. I’ll be the dude that looks like Jesus and plays Akuma. If you see me say hi.

Alright, sweet. My friends and I are heading over at about 5:00. I’ll give you a tap on the shoulder if I see you.

LOL… wow. I wouldn’t reccomend a FFA tourney as a first tournament… you’re just gonna get upset hahaha.

Fuck i wish there was a torn near my area! there’s never any.

I’d be straight in even tho i suck.

Be one of the top players at your local arcade and then you should start entering tournies.
You’ll get beat down by a low tier characters easily if you don’t know how to fight them(oro necro and ibuki come to mind) so remember all the matchups

Honestly? As soon as possible.

I waited to become one of the top players at my local arcade before going to mine, but it took me a year to make it that far and I could have gotten good much sooner if I went to tournaments right at the start.

Talk to people who play your character when you go. If you have any questions about matchups or what have you, I’m sure they would be glad to help you.

Well, I attended the FFA tourney last night. Just playing casual games was incredibly hard. I don’t think it was a wasted experience though. Even though I lost my first match, I lost 2-1, and that rush of winning was enough for me to know that I’ll probably pursue more tournaments. It was a lot of fun and I got to see some top level players (esp. Amir) play.

I had to leave before the losers bracket started, but I would have stayed if time permitted.

Were you the Michael Wii guy? Or am I way off?

Yep. Michael Wee. :wgrin:

Was nice meeting you bud! I hope you saw some new stuff. Imo it helps to go to tournaments every few months as you learn the game to see some of the intermediate and advanced techniques people talk about here in practice. It’s also good to meet the players, because its a lot more fun going to tournaments and having people to hang out with than just standing alone between matches. Familiarize yourself with the Chun forums, watch videos, and practice practice practice. You’re off to a good start :tup:

It was nice meeting you too!

I went back today (err, yesterday, it’s 1:25am right now) and got courage to fight more people. A lot less people playing than yesterday of course, but I got some more learning in. I won a couple, lost a bunch more, but I think I’m starting to read opponents a little better.

Someone full parried my Chun-Li SAII though. It was nuts and I ended up having a 10 minute conversation with the dude that did it against me.

Go as much as possible… if you live near FFA go every weekend when people play. The only way to get better is experience, execution isnt all you need. I made that mistake… my execution is almost flawless but i have no mind games because i never really played people… don’t make that mistake… get ur ass to the arcade.

FFA is the breeding ground for players on the west coast. Talk to everyone who is friendly enough to actually tell you things. And play people like alan, pyro, amir, vic, ed ma, 5 star, gooteks, etc… losing to high level players helps you learn quicker what tricks of yours are worth keeping or evolving.