When to use her heal super

Well, I just figured I could help get Nakoruru’s strats going. I’ll start with the heal super.

After a knock down. A good Nakoruru, is always playing wake up games. After awhile, they will start blocking as they get up. Because there are so many things you can do. So after a knock down of your opponent, immediatly heal. If the knock down is in-close, super jump back first. As soon as they get up, judge by what they do, and how much super-gauge they have. If they have a level 3 ready, cancel as soon as they get up. If not, you can wait for awhile, and maybe even let them hit you.

As a rising move. This one can be tricky. It’s good if someone is really predictable, and throws a wake-up projectile at you. But other than that, you’ll dodge close-in attacks, and they can get you immediately.

As a projectile dodge. Simple, you’re across the screen, they’re playing keep away, and perhaps even prepared to block your low-dash, or even the smack-back anti-fireball. In this case, time it, and activate it as it would hit. The slower the projectile, the better you must time it.

The guy justs sits back, and plays punisher. I love this one. They decide to give up on the offensive, and wait for you to do those low-recovery moves. In this case, you have a perfect oppurtunity to heal. They take a bit longer to change their mind about there turtle game. And you cancel as they start to move.

As a general rule, play it extra safe if they have a super up their sleeve. Level 1s generally won’t matter as much. But anything more, and you could be in trouble.

9 times out of 10, you’ll never get truly hurt doing this move. Most of the time, you’ll heal more than not.

Unless for some reason you have your Nakoruru as R2, why would you use a level 3 outside of a combo? If you’re knocking them down, that means that you’re getting a hit in; which means you could be using that level 3 to apply horrendous amounts of damage to them instead. The risk involved with using the Level 3 Heal is not worth it, in the long run. Sure, you knock them down; then what? You jump back? Now you’re giving them a chance to think of a way to punish you. As Nakoruru, you have to constantly pressure, mix-ups so they don’t know when to punish you. But back to the lesson at hand. :smiley: Don’t use heal-super when you can land a hit on them, and lead that hit to a combo.

midscreen punch throw, heal super. That’s how otaku was using it.

You combo a super with Nakoruru every time you touch the other guy and tell me how easy that is.

Yeah, comboing into either super is extremely hard. The easiest way of doing it is close s.lp, c.rh xx firebird, and I mess up on that often. The other super can oly be comboed on standing characters in the corner I think, I’m not even sure if it works on everyone.

just treat her like rolento; counter hit low short, sweep xx super

i’d only recommend using the healing super in S or Kgroove (since you can just save her super in other grooves). opponent is running away from you as your meter runs out, you get about halfscreen or more, make them block a qcb+p bird, then healing super right away. gives you the most healing time.

this is actually best for kgroove, since if your opponent still manages to combo you during your healing super your heal shouldve nullified most of the damage, and you got a ton of meter by eating the combo

When fighting a projectile character who runs away, you can do the heal super when they throw it, take the hit to get some nice life back, like vs C-ryu who can’t run up and combo.

whenever i try sweep xx bird super i climb on the bird more often than not. is there any trick to prevent this, or will i just have to practice a lot more? i guess i’m pressing kick too late while trying to do the first half circle back.