When to use Jump down+MP?



I never seem to hit or intimidate anyone into sitting where they are (so I can grab them afterwards) with it. What am I doing wrong?


You can only do it once, maybe twice per set with someone. It’s more mental than anything. IMO you have to be aggressive with cross up splash, like splash, then instead of trying to follow up with a combo on the ground (if your splash lands) just jump over them and do it again so they start to think they need to block 2 or 3 times in a row, then you can use it, but do it late so the animation isn’t as obvious. Basically the trick is to do anything that will get them to block high based on you initiating any attack from the air.

It’s like a momentum thing, but as long as they are an intermediate level player or better you can only do it once, maybe twice in a multi-game set. You could probably get a beginner with it a few times.


I’m gonna keep those in mind. Thanks a lot, buddy!


To be completely honest I never use this move. I’d rather use early jump Roundhouse - gives the same type of fake and can actually hit the opponent out of the air easier. You can set it up from a reasonably far distance (dat range) and can mess force the opponent to block it at head level a few times before mixing it up. Only really useful if they’re letting you jump for free or against characters who can’t beat the splash.


I think this move sucks. There are far better options.

Like he said above, late HK has more range and does more damage.

Also, it can be better to just late condor dive and trade to build meter and put more damage on.

A lot of circumstances where you would do this move you can just the same use d.HP as well (maybe trades in more instances) but has better hitbox and does more damage etc.

Really the only feasible use of this is if you are in a low life no trade situation where you neutral jump their wakeup and hope that they jump and press a button.


I believe that its an awesome move, useful after you have set them up properly, works best if you have a setup that forces dp or their reversal to wiff, after you have punished them with it enough times they will start blocking your ambiguous stuff, that is when you bust it out.